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func FetchSpotifyAuthToken

func FetchSpotifyAuthToken(firestoreClient firestore.Client) (*firebase.FirestoreSpotifyAuthToken, error)

    FetchSpotifyAuthToken takes in a firestoreClient and returns a SpotifyAuthToken

    func GetMediaFromFirestore

    func GetMediaFromFirestore(firestoreClient firestore.Client, mediaProvider string, mediaID string) (*firebase.FirestoreMedia, error)

      GetMediaFromFirestore takes in a firestoreClient, mediaProvider and the mediaId and checks to see if the media exists


      type SpotifyAlbumData

      type SpotifyAlbumData struct {
      	ID           string                  `json:"id"`
      	Name         string                  `json:"name"`
      	Type         string                  `json:"type"`
      	Artists      []SpotifyArtistData     `json:"artists"`
      	Images       []firebase.SpotifyImage `json:"images"`
      	ExternalURLs struct {
      		Spotify string `json:"spotify"`
      	} `json:"external_urls"`

        SpotifyAlbumData includes the response from an album in Spotify

        type SpotifyArtistData

        type SpotifyArtistData struct {
        	ID           string `json:"id"`
        	Name         string `json:"name"`
        	Type         string `json:"type"`
        	ExternalURLs struct {
        		Spotify string `json:"spotify"`
        	} `json:"external_urls"`

          SpotifyArtistData includes the response from an artist in Spotify

          type SpotifyTrackData

          type SpotifyTrackData struct {
          	ID           string              `json:"id"`
          	Name         string              `json:"name"`
          	Artists      []SpotifyArtistData `json:"artists"`
          	Type         string              `json:"type"`
          	Album        SpotifyAlbumData    `json:"album"`
          	ExternalURLs struct {
          		Spotify string `json:"spotify"`
          	} `json:"external_urls"`

            SpotifyTrackData includes the reponse from a track in Spotify

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