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const (
	ConnectionClosedErr             = "use of closed network connection"
	ConnectionResetErr              = "connection reset by peer"
	DefaultMaxTeardownTimeInSeconds = 10
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const SO_ORIGINAL_DST = 80


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func CloseConnection

func CloseConnection(cnx io.Closer, log Logger, id string, name string)

func FerryBytes

func FerryBytes(
	client *net.TCPConn,
	server *net.TCPConn,
	cnxId string,
	maxTeardownTimeInSecs int,

FerryBytes copies bytes between two sockets. Tries to handle disconnections safely. When one socket disconnects, a CloseWrite() is done to the other socket, and a teardown timer started with the specified timeout value (if value is zero, a default value of 10 seconds is used). If a graceful disconnect from the other socket is not detected within that period, the other end is forcefully closed.

func OriginalDestination

func OriginalDestination(cnxId string, conn *net.Conn) (string, error)

OriginalDestination returns an intercepted connection's original destination. Adapted from

func RandomString

func RandomString(strlen int) string


type Logger

type Logger interface {
	Printf(format string, v ...interface{})

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