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Quickly interact and customize a cloud image

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imgchroot is a Go-based CLI to quickly customize cloud images in a chroot without the need to boot the image or setup a user with credentials.

imgchroot mounts the image to a temporary directory, using the network block device (NBD) protocol. It then runs the required operation, such as a command, moving a file, or starts a shell in the chroot. Once the operation is complete the image is unmounted all without needing to boot the image itself.


Here are the primary functions available via the CLI:

  1. Chroot commands will run commands against the image inside a chroot. This includes command execution, via a shell, or push and pull files from the image.
  2. Download latest cloud images

imgchroot provides a number of different sub-commands to directly interact with a cloud image. Click to see the sub-command's CLI page for more details:

  • exec: run a command on the image
  • info: information about the image
  • pull: pull a file from the image
  • push: push a file to the image
  • run: transfer and run a file on the image
  • shell: start a shell on the image

imgchroot has the ability to find the latest cloud images as well. A user needs to provide the distro (e.g. ubuntu) and release (e.g. focal) to download. The the download will find the URL and download it.

See the download sub-command for more information.


If you find a bug, have a question, or ideas for improvements please file an issue on GitHub.


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