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Package proc provides opinionated utilities for processing background operations and future errors, somewhat inspired by libprocess.



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func ErrorChan

func ErrorChan(err error) <-chan error

func ErrorChanf

func ErrorChanf(msg string, args ...interface{}) <-chan error

func IsIllegalState

func IsIllegalState(err error) bool

func IsProcessTerminated

func IsProcessTerminated(err error) bool

func OnError

func OnError(ch <-chan error, f func(error), abort <-chan struct{}) <-chan struct{}

spawn a goroutine that waits for an error. if a non-nil error is read from the channel then the handler func is invoked, otherwise (nil error or closed chan) the handler is skipped. if a nil handler is specified then it's not invoked. the signal chan that's returned closes once the error process logic (and handler, if any) has completed.


type Action

type Action func()

something that executes in the context of a process

type Config

type Config struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Context

type Context interface {
	// end (terminate) the execution context
	End() <-chan struct{}

	// return a signal chan that will close upon the termination of this process
	Done() <-chan struct{}

type Doer

type Doer interface {
	// execute some action in some context. actions are to be executed in a
	// concurrency-safe manner: no two actions should execute at the same time.
	// errors are generated if the action cannot be executed (not by the execution
	// of the action) and should be testable with the error API of this package,
	// for example, IsProcessTerminated.
	Do(Action) <-chan error

type DoerFunc

type DoerFunc func(Action) <-chan error

adapter func for Doer interface

func (DoerFunc) Do

func (f DoerFunc) Do(a Action) <-chan error

invoke the f on action a. returns an illegal state error if f is nil.

type ErrorOnce

type ErrorOnce interface {
	// Err returns a chan that only ever sends one error, either obtained via Report() or Forward().
	Err() <-chan error

	// Report reports the given error via Err(), but only if no other errors have been reported or forwarded.

	// Report reports an error via Err(), but only if no other errors have been reported or forwarded, using
	// fmt.Errorf to generate the error.
	Reportf(string, ...interface{})

	// Send is non-blocking; it spins up a goroutine that reports an error (if any) that occurs on the error chan.
	Send(<-chan error) ErrorOnce
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

ErrorOnce an error promise. If we ever start building out support for other promise types it will probably make sense to group them in some sort of "promises" package.

func NewErrorOnce

func NewErrorOnce(abort <-chan struct{}) ErrorOnce

type Process

type Process interface {

	// see top level OnError func. this implementation will terminate upon the arrival of
	// an error (and subsequently invoke the error handler, if given) or else the termination
	// of the process (testable via IsProcessTerminated).
	OnError(<-chan error, func(error)) <-chan struct{}

	// return a signal chan that will close once the process is ready to run actions
	Running() <-chan struct{}

func DoWith

func DoWith(other Process, d Doer) Process

DoWith returns a process that, within its execution context, delegates to the specified Doer. Expect a panic if either the given Process or Doer are nil.

func New

func New() Process

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