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Package podtask maps Kubernetes pods to Mesos tasks.



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const (
	DefaultContainerCpus = 0.25 // initial CPU allocated for executor
	DefaultContainerMem  = 64   // initial MB of memory allocated for executor
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const (
	Launched = FlagType("launched")
	Bound    = FlagType("bound")
	Deleted  = FlagType("deleted")
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const (
	//TODO(jdef) move this somewhere else
	PodPath = "/pods"
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const PortMappingLabelKey = "k8s.mesosphere.io/portMapping"


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func InstallDebugHandlers

func InstallDebugHandlers(reg Registry, mux *http.ServeMux)

TODO(jdef) we use a Locker to guard against concurrent task state changes, but it would be really, really nice to avoid doing this. Maybe someday the registry won't return data ptrs but plain structs instead.

func MakePodKey

func MakePodKey(ctx api.Context, id string) (string, error)

makePodKey constructs etcd paths to pod items enforcing namespace rules.

func ParsePodStatusResult

func ParsePodStatusResult(taskStatus *mesos.TaskStatus) (result api.PodStatusResult, err error)


type DuplicateHostPortError

type DuplicateHostPortError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*DuplicateHostPortError) Error

func (err *DuplicateHostPortError) Error() string

type FlagType

type FlagType string

type HostPortMapper

type HostPortMapper interface {
	// abstracts the way that host ports are mapped to pod container ports
	Generate(t *T, offer *mesos.Offer) ([]HostPortMapping, error)

type HostPortMapping

type HostPortMapping struct {
	ContainerIdx int // index of the container in the pod spec
	PortIdx      int // index of the port in a container's port spec
	OfferPort    uint64

type HostPortMappingType

type HostPortMappingType string
const (
	// maps a Container.HostPort to the same exact offered host port, ignores .HostPort = 0
	HostPortMappingFixed HostPortMappingType = "fixed"
	// same as HostPortMappingFixed, except that .HostPort of 0 are mapped to any port offered
	HostPortMappingWildcard = "wildcard"

func MappingTypeForPod

func MappingTypeForPod(pod *api.Pod) HostPortMappingType

func (HostPortMappingType) Generate

func (self HostPortMappingType) Generate(t *T, offer *mesos.Offer) ([]HostPortMapping, error)

type PortAllocationError

type PortAllocationError struct {
	PodId string
	Ports []uint64

func (*PortAllocationError) Error

func (err *PortAllocationError) Error() string

type Registry

type Registry interface {
	// register the specified task with this registry, as long as the current error
	// condition is nil. if no errors occur then return a copy of the registered task.
	Register(*T, error) (*T, error)

	// unregister the specified task from this registry

	// update state for the registered task identified by task.ID, returning a copy of
	// the updated task, if any.
	Update(task *T) error

	// return the task registered for the specified task ID and its current state.
	// if there is no such task then StateUnknown is returned.
	Get(taskId string) (task *T, currentState StateType)

	// return the non-terminal task corresponding to the specified pod ID
	ForPod(podID string) (task *T, currentState StateType)

	// update the task status given the specified mesos task status update, returning a
	// copy of the updated task (if any) and its state.
	UpdateStatus(status *mesos.TaskStatus) (*T, StateType)

	// return a list of task ID's that match the given filter, or all task ID's if filter == nil.
	List(filter func(*T) bool) []*T

state store for pod tasks

func NewInMemoryRegistry

func NewInMemoryRegistry() Registry

type Spec

type Spec struct {
	SlaveID string
	CPU     float64
	Memory  float64
	PortMap []HostPortMapping
	Ports   []uint64
	Data    []byte

type StateType

type StateType int
const (
	StatePending StateType = iota

type T

type T struct {
	ID          string
	Pod         api.Pod
	Spec        Spec
	Offer       offers.Perishable // thread-safe
	State       StateType
	Flags       map[FlagType]struct{}
	CreateTime  time.Time
	UpdatedTime time.Time // time of the most recent StatusUpdate we've seen from the mesos master
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A struct that describes a pod task.

func New

func New(ctx api.Context, id string, pod api.Pod, executor *mesos.ExecutorInfo) (*T, error)

func RecoverFrom

func RecoverFrom(pod api.Pod) (*T, bool, error)

reconstruct a task from metadata stashed in a pod entry. there are limited pod states that support reconstruction. if we expect to be able to reconstruct state but encounter errors in the process then those errors are returned. if the pod is in a seemingly valid state but otherwise does not support task reconstruction return false. if we're able to reconstruct state then return a reconstructed task and true.

at this time task reconstruction is only supported for pods that have been annotated with binding metadata, which implies that they've previously been associated with a task and that mesos knows about it.

assumes that the pod data comes from the k8s registry and reflects the desired state.

func (*T) AcceptOffer

func (t *T) AcceptOffer(offer *mesos.Offer) bool

func (*T) BuildTaskInfo

func (t *T) BuildTaskInfo() *mesos.TaskInfo

func (*T) Clone

func (t *T) Clone() *T

mostly-clone this pod task. the clone will actually share the some fields:

- executor    // OK because it's read only
- Offer       // OK because it's guarantees safe concurrent access

func (*T) FillFromDetails

func (t *T) FillFromDetails(details *mesos.Offer) error

Fill the Spec in the T, should be called during k8s scheduling, before binding. TODO(jdef): remove hardcoded values and make use of actual pod resource settings

func (*T) GetOfferId

func (t *T) GetOfferId() string

func (*T) Has

func (t *T) Has(f FlagType) (exists bool)

func (*T) HasAcceptedOffer

func (t *T) HasAcceptedOffer() bool

func (*T) Reset

func (t *T) Reset()

Clear offer-related details from the task, should be called if/when an offer has already been assigned to a task but for some reason is no longer valid.

func (*T) SaveRecoveryInfo

func (t *T) SaveRecoveryInfo(dict map[string]string)

func (*T) Set

func (t *T) Set(f FlagType)

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