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const (
	// FinalizerName is the controlplane controller finalizer.
	FinalizerName = ""
	// ControllerName is the name of the controller
	ControllerName = "controlplane_controller"
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const (
	// EventControlPlaneReconciliation an event reason to describe control plane reconciliation.
	EventControlPlaneReconciliation string = "ControlPlaneReconciliation"
	// EventControlPlaneDeletion an event reason to describe control plane deletion.
	EventControlPlaneDeletion string = "ControlPlaneDeletion"

	// RequeueAfter is the duration to requeue a controlplane reconciliation if indicated by the actuator.
	RequeueAfter time.Duration = 10 * time.Second


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func Add

func Add(mgr manager.Manager, args AddArgs) error

Add creates a new ControlPlane Controller and adds it to the Manager. and Start it when the Manager is Started.

func ClusterToControlPlaneMapper

func ClusterToControlPlaneMapper(predicates []predicate.Predicate) handler.Mapper

ClusterToControlPlaneMapper returns a mapper that returns requests for ControlPlanes whose referenced clusters have been modified.

func ComputeChecksums

func ComputeChecksums(secrets map[string]*corev1.Secret, cms map[string]*corev1.ConfigMap) map[string]string

ComputeChecksums computes and returns SAH256 checksums for the given secrets and configmaps.

func DNSNamesForService

func DNSNamesForService(name, namespace string) []string

DNSNamesForService returns the possible DNS names for a service with the given name and namespace

func DefaultPredicates

func DefaultPredicates(typeName string, ignoreOperationAnnotation bool) []predicate.Predicate

DefaultPredicates returns the default predicates for a controlplane reconciler.

func GenerationChangedPredicate

func GenerationChangedPredicate() predicate.Predicate

GenerationChangedPredicate is a predicate for generation changes.

func MergeSecretMaps

func MergeSecretMaps(a, b map[string]*corev1.Secret) map[string]*corev1.Secret

MergeSecretMaps merges the 2 given secret maps.

func NewReconciler

func NewReconciler(mgr manager.Manager, actuator Actuator) reconcile.Reconciler

NewReconciler creates a new reconcile.Reconciler that reconciles controlplane resources of Gardener's `` API group.


type Actuator

type Actuator interface {
	// Reconcile reconciles the ControlPlane.
	Reconcile(context.Context, *extensionsv1alpha1.ControlPlane, *extensionscontroller.Cluster) (bool, error)
	// Delete deletes the ControlPlane.
	Delete(context.Context, *extensionsv1alpha1.ControlPlane, *extensionscontroller.Cluster) error

Actuator acts upon ControlPlane resources.

type AddArgs

type AddArgs struct {
	// Actuator is an controlplane actuator.
	Actuator Actuator
	// ControllerOptions are the controller options used for creating a controller.
	// The options.Reconciler is always overridden with a reconciler created from the
	// given actuator.
	ControllerOptions controller.Options
	// Predicates are the predicates to use.
	// If unset, GenerationChanged will be used.
	Predicates []predicate.Predicate

AddArgs are arguments for adding an controlplane controller to a manager.


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