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Published: Jun 23, 2023 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 18 Imported by: 1




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const (
	// Set in https://github.com/pravega/bookkeeper/blob/master/docker/bookkeeper/entrypoint.sh#L21
	PravegaPath = "pravega"
	ZkFinalizer = "cleanUpZookeeper"
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const (
	MajorMinorVersionRegexp string = `^v?(?P<Version>[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+)`


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func BecomeLeader added in v0.1.7

func BecomeLeader(ctx context.Context, cfg *rest.Config, lockName, namespace string) error

BecomeLeader with pre-check cluster status - is there a previous pod in bad state?

func CompareConfigMap added in v0.1.4

func CompareConfigMap(cm1 *v1.ConfigMap, cm2 *v1.ConfigMap) bool

func CompareVersions

func CompareVersions(v1, v2, operator string) (bool, error)

func ConfigMapNameForBookie

func ConfigMapNameForBookie(clusterName string) string

func ContainsStringWithPrefix

func ContainsStringWithPrefix(slice []string, str string) bool

func ContainsVersion

func ContainsVersion(list []string, version string) bool

func DeleteAllZnodes

func DeleteAllZnodes(uri string, namespace string, pravegaClusterName string) (err error)

Delete all znodes related to a specific Bookkeeper cluster

func DownwardAPIEnv

func DownwardAPIEnv() []corev1.EnvVar

func GenerateJVMOption

func GenerateJVMOption(k, v string) string

Concatenate the key value pair to be a JVM option string.

func GetPodVersion

func GetPodVersion(pod *v1.Pod) string

func GetStringWithPrefix

func GetStringWithPrefix(slice []string, str string) (result string)

func HealthcheckCommand

func HealthcheckCommand(port int32) []string

func IsOrphan

func IsOrphan(k8sObjectName string, replicas int32) bool

func IsPodFaulty

func IsPodFaulty(pod *corev1.Pod) (bool, error)

func IsPodReady

func IsPodReady(pod *corev1.Pod) bool

func ListSubTreeBFS

func ListSubTreeBFS(conn *zk.Conn, root string) (*list.List, error)

Construct a BFS tree

func Min

func Min(x, y int32) int32

Min returns the smaller of x or y.

func NormalizeVersion

func NormalizeVersion(version string) (string, error)

func OverrideDefaultJVMOptions

func OverrideDefaultJVMOptions(defaultOpts []string, customOpts []string) []string

This method will override the default JVM options with user provided custom options

func PdbNameForBookie

func PdbNameForBookie(clusterName string) string

func PodAntiAffinity

func PodAntiAffinity(component string, clusterName string) *corev1.Affinity

func RemoveString

func RemoveString(slice []string, str string) (result []string)

func StatefulSetNameForBookie

func StatefulSetNameForBookie(clusterName string) string

func UpdateOneJVMOption

func UpdateOneJVMOption(arg string, om *OrderedMap)

This method will parse the JVM options into a key value pair and store it in the OrderedMap


type OrderedMap

type OrderedMap struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

OrderedMap is a map that has insertion order when iterating. The iteration of map in GO is in random order by default.

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