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type HTTPEvents

type HTTPEvents struct {
	Endpoint string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHTTPEvents

func NewHTTPEvents(client *httpCore.Client, endpoint string, ctxProducer func() (ctx context.Context, canceller func()), refreshRate time.Duration) *HTTPEvents

NewHTTPEvents makes an EventProducer which creates events by pinging an external HTTP API for updates periodically. If refreshRate is negative, then the data will never be refreshed.

It expects the following endpoint to exist remotely:

GET {endpoint}

-- Returns all the known Stored Requests and Stored Imps.

GET {endpoint}?last-modified={timestamp}

-- Returns the Stored Requests and Stored Imps which have been updated since the last timestamp.
   This timestamp will be sent in the rfc3339 format, using UTC and no timezone shift.
   For more info, see:

The responses should be JSON like this:


"requests": {
  "request1": { ... stored request data ... },
  "request2": { ... stored request data ... },
  "request3": { ... stored request data ... },
"imps": {
  "imp1": { ... stored data for imp1 ... },
  "imp2": { ... stored data for imp2 ... },

} or {

"accounts": {
  "acc1": { ... config data for acc1 ... },
  "acc2": { ... config data for acc2 ... },


To signal deletions, the endpoint may return { "deleted": true } in place of the Stored Data if the "last-modified" param existed.

func (*HTTPEvents) Invalidations

func (e *HTTPEvents) Invalidations() <-chan events.Invalidation

func (*HTTPEvents) Saves

func (e *HTTPEvents) Saves() <-chan events.Save

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