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const (
	// BackupSuffix is the file extension that will be uploaded into storage
	// provider
	BackupSuffix = "xbackup.gz"


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type MysqlBackup

type MysqlBackup struct {

MysqlBackup is a type wrapper over MysqlBackup that contains the Business logic

func New

func New(backup *api.MysqlBackup) *MysqlBackup

New returns a wraper object over MysqlBackup

func (*MysqlBackup) GetBackupCondition added in v0.2.7

func (c *MysqlBackup) GetBackupCondition(condType api.BackupConditionType) *api.BackupCondition

GetBackupCondition returns a pointer to the condition of the provided type

func (*MysqlBackup) GetBackupURL

func (b *MysqlBackup) GetBackupURL(cluster *mysqlcluster.MysqlCluster) string

GetBackupURL returns a backup URL

func (*MysqlBackup) GetNameForDeletionJob added in v0.2.7

func (b *MysqlBackup) GetNameForDeletionJob() string

GetNameForDeletionJob returns the name for the hard deletion job.

func (*MysqlBackup) GetNameForJob

func (b *MysqlBackup) GetNameForJob() string

GetNameForJob returns the name of the job

func (*MysqlBackup) SetDefaults

func (w *MysqlBackup) SetDefaults(cluster *mysqlcluster.MysqlCluster)

SetDefaults sets default for backup

func (*MysqlBackup) Unwrap

func (b *MysqlBackup) Unwrap() *api.MysqlBackup

Unwrap returns the api mysqlbackup object

func (*MysqlBackup) UpdateStatusCondition

func (c *MysqlBackup) UpdateStatusCondition(condType api.BackupConditionType,
	status core.ConditionStatus, reason, msg string)

UpdateStatusCondition sets the condition to a status. for example Ready condition to True, or False

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