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This is an experimental implementation of the AppImage command line tool, appimagetool, in Go, mainly to see what is possible. It can also do, using the deploy verb, what linuxdeployqt does.

Installation and usage

Assuming you are using a 64-bit Intel machine (amd64, also known as x86_64), you can use our pre-compiled binaries. To try it out:

wget -c$(wget -q -O - | grep "appimagetool-.*-x86_64.AppImage" | head -n 1 | cut -d '"' -f 2)
chmod +x appimagetool-*.AppImage
./appimagetool-*.AppImage -s deploy appdir/usr/share/applications/*.desktop # Bundle EVERYTHING
# or 
./appimagetool-*.AppImage deploy appdir/usr/share/applications/*.desktop # Bundle everything expect what comes with the base system
# and
VERSION=1.0 ./appimagetool-*.AppImage ./Some.AppDir # turn AppDir into AppImage has builds for 32-bit Intel, 32-bit ARM (e.g., Raspberry Pi), and 64-bit ARM.



  • Creates AppImage
  • If running on GitHub, determines updateinformation, embeds updateinformation, signs, and writes zsync file
  • Simplified signing
  • Automatic upload to GitHub Releases
  • Prepare self-contained AppDirs using the deploy verb
  • Bundle GStreamer
  • Bundle Qt
  • Bundle Qml
  • Obey excludelist (unless invoked in self-contained a.k.a. "bundle everything" mode)


  • Bundle QtWebEngine (untested)
  • Bundle Python
  • GitLab support
  • OBS support
  • ...


If for whatever reason you would like to build from source:

scripts/ appimagetool



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