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Package repl provides the structs and functions necessary to run REPL for Terraform. The REPL allows experimentation of Terraform interpolations without having to run a Terraform configuration.



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var ErrSessionExit = errors.New("session exit")

ErrSessionExit is a special error result that should be checked for from Handle to signal a graceful exit.


func FormatResult

func FormatResult(value interface{}) (string, error)

FormatResult formats the given result value for human-readable output.

The value must currently be a string, list, map, and any nested values with those same types.


type Session

type Session struct {
	// Interpolater is used for calculating interpolations
	Interpolater *terraform.Interpolater

Session represents the state for a single REPL session.

func (*Session) Handle

func (s *Session) Handle(line string) (string, error)

Handle handles a single line of input from the REPL.

This is a stateful operation if a command is given (such as setting a variable). This function should not be called in parallel.

The return value is the output and the error to show.

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