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{ "$for": "@service", "in": {"$services": "*"}, "loop": ["upstream", {"@service": null}], "else": ["noupstream"] }

{ "$if": { "$eq": [ {"$environ": "FOOBAR"}, "foobar" ] }, "then": "Blah", "else": "Other" } {"$environ": "FOOBAR"} {"$service": "myapp", ".": "Port"} {"$ref": "#foo/bar"} {"$set": ["@foo", "value"]}

remote: config store change notification (config or reference value) local: http mutation, config store pull

any change should be validated before commit (going out) or apply (coming in)

incoming(remote mutation): copy, validate(change, render), replace, apply outgoing(local mutation): copy, pull(copy, change, render), validate, commit(write, [pull, validate, write, ...])

any change should go through render before apply keep around last rendered


  • full macro list
  • macro http interface
  • status of last validate for each watched key
  • use tigertonic?
  • encryption?
  • virtual grouping
  • layers


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