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type WorkflowExecutor

type WorkflowExecutor struct {
	PodName   string
	Template  wfv1.Template
	ClientSet *kubernetes.Clientset
	Namespace string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WorkflowExecutor implements the mechanisms within a single Kubernetes pod

func (*WorkflowExecutor) AnnotateOutputs

func (we *WorkflowExecutor) AnnotateOutputs() error

AnnotateOutputs annotation to the pod indicating all the outputs.

func (*WorkflowExecutor) CaptureScriptResult

func (we *WorkflowExecutor) CaptureScriptResult() error

CaptureScriptResult will add the stdout of a script template as output result

func (*WorkflowExecutor) GetMainContainerID

func (we *WorkflowExecutor) GetMainContainerID() (string, error)

GetMainContainerID returns the container id of the main container

func (*WorkflowExecutor) GetMainContainerStatus

func (we *WorkflowExecutor) GetMainContainerStatus() (*apiv1.ContainerStatus, error)

GetMainContainerStatus returns the container status of the main container

func (*WorkflowExecutor) InitDriver

func (we *WorkflowExecutor) InitDriver(art wfv1.Artifact) (artifact.ArtifactDriver, error)

func (*WorkflowExecutor) LoadArtifacts

func (we *WorkflowExecutor) LoadArtifacts() error

func (*WorkflowExecutor) LoadScriptSource

func (we *WorkflowExecutor) LoadScriptSource() error

LoadScriptSource will create the script source file used in script containers

func (*WorkflowExecutor) SaveArtifacts

func (we *WorkflowExecutor) SaveArtifacts() error

SaveArtifacts uploads artifacts to the archive location

func (*WorkflowExecutor) SaveParameters

func (we *WorkflowExecutor) SaveParameters() error

SaveParameters will save the content in the specified file path as output parameter value

func (*WorkflowExecutor) Wait

func (we *WorkflowExecutor) Wait() error

Wait is the sidecar container waits for the main container to complete and kills any sidecars after it finishes

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