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var (
	// ErrDeadlineExceeded indicates the operation exceeded its deadline for execution
	ErrDeadlineExceeded = errors.New(errors.CodeTimeout, "Deadline exceeded")
	// ErrParallelismReached indicates this workflow reached its parallelism limit
	ErrParallelismReached = errors.New(errors.CodeForbidden, "Max parallelism reached")


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type ArtifactRepository

type ArtifactRepository struct {
	// ArchiveLogs enables log archiving
	ArchiveLogs *bool `json:"archiveLogs,omitempty"`
	// S3 stores artifact in a S3-compliant object store
	S3 *S3ArtifactRepository `json:"s3,omitempty"`
	// Artifactory stores artifacts to JFrog Artifactory
	Artifactory *ArtifactoryArtifactRepository `json:"artifactory,omitempty"`

ArtifactRepository represents a artifact repository in which a controller will store its artifacts

type ArtifactoryArtifactRepository

type ArtifactoryArtifactRepository struct {
	wfv1.ArtifactoryAuth `json:",inline"`
	// RepoURL is the url for artifactory repo.
	RepoURL string `json:"repoURL,omitempty"`

ArtifactoryArtifactRepository defines the controller configuration for an artifactory artifact repository

type S3ArtifactRepository

type S3ArtifactRepository struct {
	wfv1.S3Bucket `json:",inline"`

	// KeyFormat is defines the format of how to store keys. Can reference workflow variables
	KeyFormat string `json:"keyFormat,omitempty"`

	// KeyPrefix is prefix used as part of the bucket key in which the controller will store artifacts.
	// DEPRECATED. Use KeyFormat instead
	KeyPrefix string `json:"keyPrefix,omitempty"`

S3ArtifactRepository defines the controller configuration for an S3 artifact repository

type WorkflowController

type WorkflowController struct {

	// Config is the workflow controller's configuration
	Config WorkflowControllerConfig
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WorkflowController is the controller for workflow resources

func NewWorkflowController

func NewWorkflowController(
	restConfig *rest.Config,
	kubeclientset kubernetes.Interface,
	wfclientset wfclientset.Interface,
	configMap string,
) *WorkflowController

NewWorkflowController instantiates a new WorkflowController

func (*WorkflowController) MetricsServer

func (wfc *WorkflowController) MetricsServer(ctx context.Context)

MetricsServer starts a prometheus metrics server if enabled in the configmap

func (*WorkflowController) ResyncConfig

func (wfc *WorkflowController) ResyncConfig() error

ResyncConfig reloads the controller config from the configmap

func (*WorkflowController) Run

func (wfc *WorkflowController) Run(ctx context.Context, wfWorkers, podWorkers int)

Run starts an Workflow resource controller

func (*WorkflowController) RunTTLController

func (wfc *WorkflowController) RunTTLController(ctx context.Context)

RunTTLController runs the workflow TTL controller

func (*WorkflowController) TelemetryServer

func (wfc *WorkflowController) TelemetryServer(ctx context.Context)

TelemetryServer starts a prometheus telemetry server if enabled in the configmap

type WorkflowControllerConfig

type WorkflowControllerConfig struct {
	// ExecutorImage is the image name of the executor to use when running pods
	ExecutorImage string `json:"executorImage,omitempty"`

	// ExecutorResources specifies the resource requirements that will be used for the executor sidecar
	ExecutorResources *apiv1.ResourceRequirements `json:"executorResources,omitempty"`

	// ContainerRuntimeExecutor specifies the container runtime interface to use, default is docker
	ContainerRuntimeExecutor string `json:"containerRuntimeExecutor,omitempty"`

	// KubeletPort is needed when using the kubelet containerRuntimeExecutor, default to 10250
	KubeletPort int `json:"kubeletPort,omitempty"`

	// KubeletInsecure disable the TLS verification of the kubelet containerRuntimeExecutor, default to false
	KubeletInsecure bool `json:"kubeletInsecure,omitempty"`

	// ArtifactRepository contains the default location of an artifact repository for container artifacts
	ArtifactRepository ArtifactRepository `json:"artifactRepository,omitempty"`

	// Namespace is a label selector filter to limit the controller's watch to a specific namespace
	Namespace string `json:"namespace,omitempty"`

	// InstanceID is a label selector to limit the controller's watch to a specific instance. It
	// contains an arbitrary value that is carried forward into its pod labels, under the key
	//, for the purposes of workflow segregation. This
	// enables a controller to only receive workflow and pod events that it is interested about,
	// in order to support multiple controllers in a single cluster, and ultimately allows the
	// controller itself to be bundled as part of a higher level application. If omitted, the
	// controller watches workflows and pods that *are not* labeled with an instance id.
	InstanceID string `json:"instanceID,omitempty"`

	MetricsConfig metrics.PrometheusConfig `json:"metricsConfig,omitempty"`

	TelemetryConfig metrics.PrometheusConfig `json:"telemetryConfig,omitempty"`

WorkflowControllerConfig contain the configuration settings for the workflow controller

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