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func NewLazyWorkflowTemplate

func NewLazyWorkflowTemplate(wftmplGetter WorkflowTemplateNamespacedGetter, namespace, name string) *lazyWorkflowTemplate

NewLazyWorkflowTemplate is a public constructor of lazyWorkflowTemplate.


type Context

type Context struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Context is a context of template search.

func NewContext

func NewContext(wftmplGetter WorkflowTemplateNamespacedGetter, tmplBase wfv1.TemplateGetter, storage wfv1.TemplateStorage) *Context

NewContext returns new Context.

func NewContextFromClientset

func NewContextFromClientset(clientset typed.WorkflowTemplateInterface, tmplBase wfv1.TemplateGetter, storage wfv1.TemplateStorage) *Context

NewContext returns new Context.

func (*Context) GetCurrentTemplateBase

func (ctx *Context) GetCurrentTemplateBase() wfv1.TemplateGetter

GetCurrentTemplateBase returns the current template base of the context.

func (*Context) GetTemplate

func (ctx *Context) GetTemplate(tmplHolder wfv1.TemplateHolder) (*wfv1.Template, error)

GetTemplate returns a template found by template name or template ref.

func (*Context) GetTemplateByName

func (ctx *Context) GetTemplateByName(name string) (*wfv1.Template, error)

GetTemplateByName returns a template by name in the context.

func (*Context) GetTemplateFromRef

func (ctx *Context) GetTemplateFromRef(tmplRef *wfv1.TemplateRef) (*wfv1.Template, error)

GetTemplateFromRef returns a template found by a given template ref.

func (*Context) ResolveTemplate

func (ctx *Context) ResolveTemplate(tmplHolder wfv1.TemplateHolder) (*Context, *wfv1.Template, error)

ResolveTemplate digs into referenes and returns a merged template. This method is the public start point of template resolution.

func (*Context) WithLazyWorkflowTemplate

func (ctx *Context) WithLazyWorkflowTemplate(namespace, name string) *Context

WithLazyWorkflowTemplate creates new context with the wfv1.WorkflowTemplate of the given name with lazy loading.

func (*Context) WithTemplateBase

func (ctx *Context) WithTemplateBase(tmplBase wfv1.TemplateGetter) *Context

WithTemplateBase creates new context with a wfv1.TemplateGetter.

func (*Context) WithTemplateHolder

func (ctx *Context) WithTemplateHolder(tmplHolder wfv1.TemplateHolder) *Context

WithTemplateHolder creates new context with a template base of a given template holder.

type WorkflowTemplateNamespacedGetter

type WorkflowTemplateNamespacedGetter interface {
	// Get retrieves the WorkflowTemplate from the indexer for a given name.
	Get(name string) (*wfv1.WorkflowTemplate, error)

WorkflowTemplateNamespaceLister helps get WorkflowTemplates.

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