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const KillGracePeriod = 10

killGracePeriod is the time in seconds after sending SIGTERM before forcefully killing the sidecar with SIGKILL (value matches k8s)


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func CopyArchive

func CopyArchive(c KubernetesClientInterface, containerID, sourcePath, destPath string) error

CopyArchive downloads files and directories as a tarball and saves it to a specified path.

func GetContainerID

func GetContainerID(container *v1.ContainerStatus) string

GetContainerID returns container ID of a ContainerStatus resource

func KillGracefully

func KillGracefully(c KubernetesClientInterface, containerID string) error

KillGracefully kills a container gracefully.

func TerminatePodWithContainerID

func TerminatePodWithContainerID(c KubernetesClientInterface, containerID string, sig syscall.Signal) error

TerminatePodWithContainerID invoke the given SIG against the PID1 of the container. No-op if the container is on the hostPID

func WaitForTermination

func WaitForTermination(c KubernetesClientInterface, containerID string, timeout time.Duration) error

WaitForTermination of the given containerID, set the timeout to 0 to discard it


type KubernetesClientInterface

type KubernetesClientInterface interface {
	GetContainerStatus(containerID string) (*v1.Pod, *v1.ContainerStatus, error)
	KillContainer(pod *v1.Pod, container *v1.ContainerStatus, sig syscall.Signal) error
	CreateArchive(containerID, sourcePath string) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

KubernetesClientInterface is the interface to implement getContainerStatus method

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