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Package app implements a server that runs a set of active components. This includes replication controllers, service endpoints and nodes.



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type CMServer

type CMServer struct {
	Port                    int
	Address                 util.IP
	CloudProvider           string
	CloudConfigFile         string
	ConcurrentEndpointSyncs int
	ConcurrentRCSyncs       int
	NodeSyncPeriod          time.Duration
	ResourceQuotaSyncPeriod time.Duration
	NamespaceSyncPeriod     time.Duration
	PVClaimBinderSyncPeriod time.Duration
	RegisterRetryCount      int
	NodeMonitorGracePeriod  time.Duration
	NodeStartupGracePeriod  time.Duration
	NodeMonitorPeriod       time.Duration
	NodeStatusUpdateRetry   int
	PodEvictionTimeout      time.Duration
	DeletingPodsQps         float32
	DeletingPodsBurst       int
	ServiceAccountKeyFile   string

	ClusterName       string
	ClusterCIDR       util.IPNet
	AllocateNodeCIDRs bool
	EnableProfiling   bool

	Master     string
	Kubeconfig string

	// The following fields are deprecated and unused except in flag parsing.
	MinionRegexp   string
	MachineList    util.StringList
	SyncNodeList   bool
	SyncNodeStatus bool
	NodeMilliCPU   int64
	NodeMemory     resource.Quantity

CMServer is the main context object for the controller manager.

func NewCMServer

func NewCMServer() *CMServer

NewCMServer creates a new CMServer with a default config.

func (*CMServer) AddFlags

func (s *CMServer) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags adds flags for a specific CMServer to the specified FlagSet

func (*CMServer) Run

func (s *CMServer) Run(_ []string) error

Run runs the CMServer. This should never exit.

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