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Retryable dns resolver

Based on miekg/dns and freely inspired by bogdanovich/dns_resolver.


  • Supports system default resolvers along with user supplied ones
  • Retries dns requests in case of I/O/Time/Network failures
  • Allows arbitrary query types
  • Resolution with random resolvers
Using go get
$ go get

After this command retryabledns library source will be in your $GOPATH


Usage Example:

package main

import (


func main() {
    // it requires a list of resolvers
    resolvers := []string{"", ""}
    retries := 2
    hostname := ""
    dnsClient := retryabledns.New(resolvers, retries)

    ips, err := dnsClient.Resolve(hostname)
    if err != nil {


    // Query Types: dns.TypeA, dns.TypeNS, dns.TypeCNAME, dns.TypeSOA, dns.TypePTR, dns.TypeMX
    // dns.TypeTXT, dns.TypeAAAA, dns.TypeSRV (from
    dnsResponses, err := dnsClient.Query(hostname, dns.TypeA)
    if err != nil {






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var CheckInternalIPs = false

CheckInternalIPs when set to true returns if DNS response IPs belong to internal IP ranges.

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var RootDNSServers = []RootDNS{
	{"", "", "2001:503:ba3e::2:30", "Verisign, Inc"},
	{"", "", "2001:500:200::b", "University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute"},
	{"", "", "2001:500:2::c", "Cogent Communications"},
	{"", "", "2001:500:2d::d", "University of Maryland"},
	{"", "", "2001:500:a8::e", "NASA (Ames Research Center)"},
	{"", "", "2001:500:2f::f", "Internet Systems Consortium, Inc."},
	{"", "", "2001:500:12::d0d", "US Department of Defense (NIC)"},
	{"", "", "2001:500:1::53", "US Army (Research Lab)"},
	{"", "", "2001:7fe::53", "Netnod"},
	{"", "", "2001:503:c27::2:30", "Verisign, Inc"},
	{"", "", "2001:7fd::1", "RIPE NCC"},
	{"", "", "2001:500:9f::42", "ICANN"},
	{"", "", "2001:dc3::35", "WIDE Project"},
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var RootDNSServersIPv4 = []string{
	"", "", "", "",
	"", "", "", "",
	"", "", "", "",


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type AXFRData added in v1.0.14

type AXFRData struct {
	Host    string     `json:"host,omitempty"`
	DNSData []*DNSData `json:"chain,omitempty"`

type Client

type Client struct {
	TCPFallback bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is a DNS resolver client to resolve hostnames.

func New

func New(baseResolvers []string, maxRetries int) (*Client, error)

New creates a new dns client

func NewWithOptions added in v1.0.13

func NewWithOptions(options Options) (*Client, error)

New creates a new dns client with options

func (*Client) A added in v1.0.12

func (c *Client) A(host string) (*DNSData, error)

A helper function

func (*Client) AAAA added in v1.0.12

func (c *Client) AAAA(host string) (*DNSData, error)

AAAA helper function

func (*Client) AXFR added in v1.0.14

func (c *Client) AXFR(host string) (*AXFRData, error)

func (*Client) CAA added in v1.0.14

func (c *Client) CAA(host string) (*DNSData, error)

CAA helper function

func (*Client) CNAME added in v1.0.12

func (c *Client) CNAME(host string) (*DNSData, error)

CNAME helper function

func (*Client) Do

func (c *Client) Do(msg *dns.Msg) (*dns.Msg, error)

Do sends a provided dns request and return the raw native response

func (*Client) MX added in v1.0.12

func (c *Client) MX(host string) (*DNSData, error)

MX helper function

func (*Client) NS added in v1.0.12

func (c *Client) NS(host string) (*DNSData, error)

NS helper function

func (*Client) PTR added in v1.0.12

func (c *Client) PTR(host string) (*DNSData, error)

PTR helper function

func (*Client) Query

func (c *Client) Query(host string, requestType uint16) (*DNSData, error)

Query sends a provided dns request and return enriched response

func (*Client) QueryMultiple

func (c *Client) QueryMultiple(host string, requestTypes []uint16) (*DNSData, error)

QueryMultiple sends a provided dns request and return the data

func (*Client) QueryMultipleWithResolver added in v1.0.14

func (c *Client) QueryMultipleWithResolver(host string, requestTypes []uint16, resolver Resolver) (*DNSData, error)

QueryMultiple sends a provided dns request and return the data with a specific resolver

func (*Client) QueryParallel added in v1.0.12

func (c *Client) QueryParallel(host string, requestType uint16, resolvers []string) ([]*DNSData, error)

QueryParallel sends a provided dns request to multiple resolvers in parallel

func (*Client) Resolve

func (c *Client) Resolve(host string) (*DNSData, error)

Resolve is the underlying resolve function that actually resolves a host and gets the ip records for that host.

func (*Client) ResolveWithSyscall added in v1.0.7

func (c *Client) ResolveWithSyscall(host string) (*DNSData, error)

ResolveWithSyscall attempts to resolve the host through system calls

func (*Client) SOA added in v1.0.12

func (c *Client) SOA(host string) (*DNSData, error)

SOA helper function

func (*Client) SRV added in v1.0.16

func (c *Client) SRV(host string) (*DNSData, error)

SRV helper function

func (*Client) TXT added in v1.0.12

func (c *Client) TXT(host string) (*DNSData, error)

TXT helper function

func (*Client) Trace added in v1.0.12

func (c *Client) Trace(host string, requestType uint16, maxrecursion int) (*TraceData, error)

Trace the requested domain with the provided query type

type DNSData

type DNSData struct {
	Host           string     `json:"host,omitempty"`
	TTL            int        `json:"ttl,omitempty"`
	Resolver       []string   `json:"resolver,omitempty"`
	A              []string   `json:"a,omitempty"`
	AAAA           []string   `json:"aaaa,omitempty"`
	CNAME          []string   `json:"cname,omitempty"`
	MX             []string   `json:"mx,omitempty"`
	PTR            []string   `json:"ptr,omitempty"`
	SOA            []string   `json:"soa,omitempty"`
	NS             []string   `json:"ns,omitempty"`
	TXT            []string   `json:"txt,omitempty"`
	SRV            []string   `json:"srv,omitempty"`
	CAA            []string   `json:"caa,omitempty"`
	AllRecords     []string   `json:"all,omitempty"`
	Raw            string     `json:"raw,omitempty"`
	HasInternalIPs bool       `json:"has_internal_ips,omitempty"`
	InternalIPs    []string   `json:"internal_ips,omitempty"`
	StatusCode     string     `json:"status_code,omitempty"`
	StatusCodeRaw  int        `json:"status_code_raw,omitempty"`
	TraceData      *TraceData `json:"trace,omitempty"`
	AXFRData       *AXFRData  `json:"axfr,omitempty"`
	RawResp        *dns.Msg   `json:"raw_resp,omitempty"`
	Timestamp      time.Time  `json:"timestamp,omitempty"`
	HostsFile      bool       `json:"hosts_file,omitempty"`

DNSData is the data for a DNS request response

func (*DNSData) JSON

func (d *DNSData) JSON() (string, error)

JSON returns the object as json string

func (*DNSData) Marshal

func (d *DNSData) Marshal() ([]byte, error)

Marshal encodes the dnsdata to a binary representation

func (*DNSData) ParseFromEnvelopeChan added in v1.0.14

func (d *DNSData) ParseFromEnvelopeChan(envChan chan *dns.Envelope) error

func (*DNSData) ParseFromMsg

func (d *DNSData) ParseFromMsg(msg *dns.Msg) error

ParseFromMsg and enrich data

func (*DNSData) ParseFromRR added in v1.0.14

func (d *DNSData) ParseFromRR(rrs []dns.RR) error

func (*DNSData) Unmarshal

func (d *DNSData) Unmarshal(b []byte) error

Unmarshal decodes the dnsdata from a binary representation

type DohProtocol added in v1.0.13

type DohProtocol string
const (
	JsonAPI DohProtocol = "jsonapi"
	GET     DohProtocol = "get"
	POST    DohProtocol = "post"

func (DohProtocol) String added in v1.0.13

func (p DohProtocol) String() string

func (DohProtocol) StringWithSemicolon added in v1.0.13

func (p DohProtocol) StringWithSemicolon() string

type DohResolver added in v1.0.13

type DohResolver struct {
	Protocol DohProtocol
	URL      string

func (DohResolver) Method added in v1.0.13

func (r DohResolver) Method() string

func (DohResolver) String added in v1.0.13

func (r DohResolver) String() string

type NetworkResolver added in v1.0.13

type NetworkResolver struct {
	Protocol Protocol
	Host     string
	Port     string

func (NetworkResolver) String added in v1.0.13

func (r NetworkResolver) String() string

type Options added in v1.0.13

type Options struct {
	BaseResolvers []string
	MaxRetries    int
	Timeout       time.Duration
	Hostsfile     bool

func (*Options) Validate added in v1.0.14

func (options *Options) Validate() error

type Protocol added in v1.0.13

type Protocol string
const (
	UDP Protocol = "udp"
	TCP Protocol = "tcp"
	DOH Protocol = "doh"
	DOT Protocol = "dot"

func (Protocol) String added in v1.0.13

func (p Protocol) String() string

func (Protocol) StringWithSemicolon added in v1.0.13

func (p Protocol) StringWithSemicolon() string

type Resolver added in v1.0.13

type Resolver interface {
	String() string

type RootDNS added in v1.0.12

type RootDNS struct {
	Host     string
	IPv4     string
	IPv6     string
	Operator string

type TraceData added in v1.0.12

type TraceData struct {
	Host    string     `json:"host,omitempty"`
	DNSData []*DNSData `json:"chain,omitempty"`

TraceData contains the trace information for a dns query


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