Prometheus Go client library

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This is the Go client library for Prometheus. It has two separate parts, one for instrumenting application code, and one for creating clients that talk to the Prometheus HTTP API.

This library requires Go1.9 or later. The minimum required patch releases for older Go versions are Go1.9.7 and Go1.10.3.

Important note about releases and stability

This repository generally follows Semantic Versioning. However, the API client in prometheus/client_golang/api/… is still considered experimental. Breaking changes of the API client will not trigger a new major release. The same is true for selected other new features explicitly marked as EXPERIMENTAL in

Features that require breaking changes in the stable parts of the repository are being batched up and tracked in the v2 milestone. The v2 development happens in a separate branch for the time being. v2 releases off that branch will happen once sufficient stability is reached. In view of the widespread use of this repository, v1 and v2 will coexist for a while to enable a convenient transition.

Instrumenting applications

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The prometheus directory contains the instrumentation library. See the guide on the Prometheus website to learn more about instrumenting applications.

The examples directory contains simple examples of instrumented code.

Client for the Prometheus HTTP API

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The api/prometheus directory contains the client for the Prometheus HTTP API. It allows you to write Go applications that query time series data from a Prometheus server. It is still in alpha stage.

Where is model, extraction, and text?

The model packages has been moved to prometheus/common/model.

The extraction and text packages are now contained in prometheus/common/expfmt.

Contributing and community

See the contributing guidelines and the Community section of the homepage.

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Path Synopsis
api Package api provides clients for the HTTP APIs.
api/prometheus/v1 Package v1 provides bindings to the Prometheus HTTP API v1:
examples/random A simple example exposing fictional RPC latencies with different types of random distributions (uniform, normal, and exponential) as Prometheus metrics.
examples/simple A minimal example of how to include Prometheus instrumentation.
prometheus Package prometheus is the core instrumentation package.
prometheus/graphite Package graphite provides a bridge to push Prometheus metrics to a Graphite server.
prometheus/promauto Package promauto provides alternative constructors for the fundamental Prometheus metric types and their …Vec and …Func variants.
prometheus/promhttp Package promhttp provides tooling around HTTP servers and clients.
prometheus/push Package push provides functions to push metrics to a Pushgateway.
prometheus/testutil Package testutil provides helpers to test code using the prometheus package of client_golang.
prometheus/testutil/promlint Package promlint provides a linter for Prometheus metrics.