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func Route

func Route(router RouteOut) (string, string, quickfix.MessageRoute)

Route returns the beginstring, message type, and MessageRoute for this Message type


type NoAllocs

type NoAllocs struct {

NoAllocs is a repeating group element, Tag 78

func (NoAllocs) GetAllocAccount

func (m NoAllocs) GetAllocAccount() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetAllocAccount gets AllocAccount, Tag 79

func (NoAllocs) GetAllocAcctIDSource

func (m NoAllocs) GetAllocAcctIDSource() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetAllocAcctIDSource gets AllocAcctIDSource, Tag 661

func (NoAllocs) GetAllocQty

func (m NoAllocs) GetAllocQty() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetAllocQty gets AllocQty, Tag 80

func (NoAllocs) GetAllocSettlCurrency

func (m NoAllocs) GetAllocSettlCurrency() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetAllocSettlCurrency gets AllocSettlCurrency, Tag 736

func (NoAllocs) GetIndividualAllocID

func (m NoAllocs) GetIndividualAllocID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetIndividualAllocID gets IndividualAllocID, Tag 467

func (NoAllocs) GetNoNested2PartyIDs

GetNoNested2PartyIDs gets NoNested2PartyIDs, Tag 756

func (NoAllocs) HasAllocAccount

func (m NoAllocs) HasAllocAccount() bool

HasAllocAccount returns true if AllocAccount is present, Tag 79

func (NoAllocs) HasAllocAcctIDSource

func (m NoAllocs) HasAllocAcctIDSource() bool

HasAllocAcctIDSource returns true if AllocAcctIDSource is present, Tag 661

func (NoAllocs) HasAllocQty

func (m NoAllocs) HasAllocQty() bool

HasAllocQty returns true if AllocQty is present, Tag 80

func (NoAllocs) HasAllocSettlCurrency

func (m NoAllocs) HasAllocSettlCurrency() bool

HasAllocSettlCurrency returns true if AllocSettlCurrency is present, Tag 736

func (NoAllocs) HasIndividualAllocID

func (m NoAllocs) HasIndividualAllocID() bool

HasIndividualAllocID returns true if IndividualAllocID is present, Tag 467

func (NoAllocs) HasNoNested2PartyIDs

func (m NoAllocs) HasNoNested2PartyIDs() bool

HasNoNested2PartyIDs returns true if NoNested2PartyIDs is present, Tag 756

func (NoAllocs) SetAllocAccount

func (m NoAllocs) SetAllocAccount(v string)

SetAllocAccount sets AllocAccount, Tag 79

func (NoAllocs) SetAllocAcctIDSource

func (m NoAllocs) SetAllocAcctIDSource(v int)

SetAllocAcctIDSource sets AllocAcctIDSource, Tag 661

func (NoAllocs) SetAllocQty

func (m NoAllocs) SetAllocQty(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetAllocQty sets AllocQty, Tag 80

func (NoAllocs) SetAllocSettlCurrency

func (m NoAllocs) SetAllocSettlCurrency(v string)

SetAllocSettlCurrency sets AllocSettlCurrency, Tag 736

func (NoAllocs) SetIndividualAllocID

func (m NoAllocs) SetIndividualAllocID(v string)

SetIndividualAllocID sets IndividualAllocID, Tag 467

func (NoAllocs) SetNoNested2PartyIDs

func (m NoAllocs) SetNoNested2PartyIDs(f NoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup)

SetNoNested2PartyIDs sets NoNested2PartyIDs, Tag 756

type NoAllocsRepeatingGroup

type NoAllocsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoAllocsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 78

func NewNoAllocsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoAllocsRepeatingGroup() NoAllocsRepeatingGroup

NewNoAllocsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoAllocsRepeatingGroup

func (NoAllocsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoAllocs to this group

func (NoAllocsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoAllocs in the NoAllocsRepeatinGroup

type NoEvents

type NoEvents struct {

NoEvents is a repeating group element, Tag 864

func (NoEvents) GetEventDate

func (m NoEvents) GetEventDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEventDate gets EventDate, Tag 866

func (NoEvents) GetEventPx

func (m NoEvents) GetEventPx() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEventPx gets EventPx, Tag 867

func (NoEvents) GetEventText

func (m NoEvents) GetEventText() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEventText gets EventText, Tag 868

func (NoEvents) GetEventType

func (m NoEvents) GetEventType() (v enum.EventType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEventType gets EventType, Tag 865

func (NoEvents) HasEventDate

func (m NoEvents) HasEventDate() bool

HasEventDate returns true if EventDate is present, Tag 866

func (NoEvents) HasEventPx

func (m NoEvents) HasEventPx() bool

HasEventPx returns true if EventPx is present, Tag 867

func (NoEvents) HasEventText

func (m NoEvents) HasEventText() bool

HasEventText returns true if EventText is present, Tag 868

func (NoEvents) HasEventType

func (m NoEvents) HasEventType() bool

HasEventType returns true if EventType is present, Tag 865

func (NoEvents) SetEventDate

func (m NoEvents) SetEventDate(v string)

SetEventDate sets EventDate, Tag 866

func (NoEvents) SetEventPx

func (m NoEvents) SetEventPx(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetEventPx sets EventPx, Tag 867

func (NoEvents) SetEventText

func (m NoEvents) SetEventText(v string)

SetEventText sets EventText, Tag 868

func (NoEvents) SetEventType

func (m NoEvents) SetEventType(v enum.EventType)

SetEventType sets EventType, Tag 865

type NoEventsRepeatingGroup

type NoEventsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoEventsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 864

func NewNoEventsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoEventsRepeatingGroup() NoEventsRepeatingGroup

NewNoEventsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoEventsRepeatingGroup

func (NoEventsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoEvents to this group

func (NoEventsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoEvents in the NoEventsRepeatinGroup

type NoLegSecurityAltID

type NoLegSecurityAltID struct {

NoLegSecurityAltID is a repeating group element, Tag 604

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) GetLegSecurityAltID

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) GetLegSecurityAltID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityAltID gets LegSecurityAltID, Tag 605

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) GetLegSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) GetLegSecurityAltIDSource() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityAltIDSource gets LegSecurityAltIDSource, Tag 606

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) HasLegSecurityAltID

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) HasLegSecurityAltID() bool

HasLegSecurityAltID returns true if LegSecurityAltID is present, Tag 605

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) HasLegSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) HasLegSecurityAltIDSource() bool

HasLegSecurityAltIDSource returns true if LegSecurityAltIDSource is present, Tag 606

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) SetLegSecurityAltID

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) SetLegSecurityAltID(v string)

SetLegSecurityAltID sets LegSecurityAltID, Tag 605

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) SetLegSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) SetLegSecurityAltIDSource(v string)

SetLegSecurityAltIDSource sets LegSecurityAltIDSource, Tag 606

type NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

type NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup struct {

NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 604

func NewNoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

func NewNoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup() NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

NewNoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

func (NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoLegSecurityAltID to this group

func (NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoLegSecurityAltID in the NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatinGroup

type NoLegStipulations

type NoLegStipulations struct {

NoLegStipulations is a repeating group element, Tag 683

func (NoLegStipulations) GetLegStipulationType

func (m NoLegStipulations) GetLegStipulationType() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegStipulationType gets LegStipulationType, Tag 688

func (NoLegStipulations) GetLegStipulationValue

func (m NoLegStipulations) GetLegStipulationValue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegStipulationValue gets LegStipulationValue, Tag 689

func (NoLegStipulations) HasLegStipulationType

func (m NoLegStipulations) HasLegStipulationType() bool

HasLegStipulationType returns true if LegStipulationType is present, Tag 688

func (NoLegStipulations) HasLegStipulationValue

func (m NoLegStipulations) HasLegStipulationValue() bool

HasLegStipulationValue returns true if LegStipulationValue is present, Tag 689

func (NoLegStipulations) SetLegStipulationType

func (m NoLegStipulations) SetLegStipulationType(v string)

SetLegStipulationType sets LegStipulationType, Tag 688

func (NoLegStipulations) SetLegStipulationValue

func (m NoLegStipulations) SetLegStipulationValue(v string)

SetLegStipulationValue sets LegStipulationValue, Tag 689

type NoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup

type NoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 683

func NewNoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup() NoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup

NewNoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup

func (NoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoLegStipulations to this group

func (NoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoLegStipulations in the NoLegStipulationsRepeatinGroup

type NoLegs

type NoLegs struct {

NoLegs is a repeating group element, Tag 555

func (NoLegs) GetEncodedLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) GetEncodedLegIssuer() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedLegIssuer gets EncodedLegIssuer, Tag 619

func (NoLegs) GetEncodedLegIssuerLen

func (m NoLegs) GetEncodedLegIssuerLen() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedLegIssuerLen gets EncodedLegIssuerLen, Tag 618

func (NoLegs) GetEncodedLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) GetEncodedLegSecurityDesc() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedLegSecurityDesc gets EncodedLegSecurityDesc, Tag 622

func (NoLegs) GetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen

func (m NoLegs) GetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen gets EncodedLegSecurityDescLen, Tag 621

func (NoLegs) GetLegCFICode

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCFICode() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCFICode gets LegCFICode, Tag 608

func (NoLegs) GetLegContractMultiplier

func (m NoLegs) GetLegContractMultiplier() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegContractMultiplier gets LegContractMultiplier, Tag 614

func (NoLegs) GetLegContractSettlMonth

func (m NoLegs) GetLegContractSettlMonth() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegContractSettlMonth gets LegContractSettlMonth, Tag 955

func (NoLegs) GetLegCountryOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCountryOfIssue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCountryOfIssue gets LegCountryOfIssue, Tag 596

func (NoLegs) GetLegCouponPaymentDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCouponPaymentDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCouponPaymentDate gets LegCouponPaymentDate, Tag 248

func (NoLegs) GetLegCouponRate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCouponRate() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCouponRate gets LegCouponRate, Tag 615

func (NoLegs) GetLegCoveredOrUncovered

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCoveredOrUncovered() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCoveredOrUncovered gets LegCoveredOrUncovered, Tag 565

func (NoLegs) GetLegCreditRating

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCreditRating() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCreditRating gets LegCreditRating, Tag 257

func (NoLegs) GetLegCurrency

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCurrency() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCurrency gets LegCurrency, Tag 556

func (NoLegs) GetLegDatedDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegDatedDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegDatedDate gets LegDatedDate, Tag 739

func (NoLegs) GetLegFactor

func (m NoLegs) GetLegFactor() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegFactor gets LegFactor, Tag 253

func (NoLegs) GetLegInstrRegistry

func (m NoLegs) GetLegInstrRegistry() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegInstrRegistry gets LegInstrRegistry, Tag 599

func (NoLegs) GetLegInterestAccrualDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegInterestAccrualDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegInterestAccrualDate gets LegInterestAccrualDate, Tag 956

func (NoLegs) GetLegIssueDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegIssueDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegIssueDate gets LegIssueDate, Tag 249

func (NoLegs) GetLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) GetLegIssuer() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegIssuer gets LegIssuer, Tag 617

func (NoLegs) GetLegLastPx

func (m NoLegs) GetLegLastPx() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegLastPx gets LegLastPx, Tag 637

func (NoLegs) GetLegLocaleOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) GetLegLocaleOfIssue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegLocaleOfIssue gets LegLocaleOfIssue, Tag 598

func (NoLegs) GetLegMaturityDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegMaturityDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegMaturityDate gets LegMaturityDate, Tag 611

func (NoLegs) GetLegMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoLegs) GetLegMaturityMonthYear() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegMaturityMonthYear gets LegMaturityMonthYear, Tag 610

func (NoLegs) GetLegOptAttribute

func (m NoLegs) GetLegOptAttribute() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegOptAttribute gets LegOptAttribute, Tag 613

func (NoLegs) GetLegPool

func (m NoLegs) GetLegPool() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegPool gets LegPool, Tag 740

func (NoLegs) GetLegPositionEffect

func (m NoLegs) GetLegPositionEffect() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegPositionEffect gets LegPositionEffect, Tag 564

func (NoLegs) GetLegPrice

func (m NoLegs) GetLegPrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegPrice gets LegPrice, Tag 566

func (NoLegs) GetLegProduct

func (m NoLegs) GetLegProduct() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegProduct gets LegProduct, Tag 607

func (NoLegs) GetLegQty

func (m NoLegs) GetLegQty() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegQty gets LegQty, Tag 687

func (NoLegs) GetLegRatioQty

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRatioQty() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRatioQty gets LegRatioQty, Tag 623

func (NoLegs) GetLegRedemptionDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRedemptionDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRedemptionDate gets LegRedemptionDate, Tag 254

func (NoLegs) GetLegRefID

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRefID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRefID gets LegRefID, Tag 654

func (NoLegs) GetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType gets LegRepoCollateralSecurityType, Tag 250

func (NoLegs) GetLegRepurchaseRate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRepurchaseRate() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRepurchaseRate gets LegRepurchaseRate, Tag 252

func (NoLegs) GetLegRepurchaseTerm

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRepurchaseTerm() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRepurchaseTerm gets LegRepurchaseTerm, Tag 251

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecurityDesc() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityDesc gets LegSecurityDesc, Tag 620

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecurityExchange

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecurityExchange() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityExchange gets LegSecurityExchange, Tag 616

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecurityID

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecurityID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityID gets LegSecurityID, Tag 602

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecurityIDSource

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecurityIDSource() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityIDSource gets LegSecurityIDSource, Tag 603

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecuritySubType

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecuritySubType() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecuritySubType gets LegSecuritySubType, Tag 764

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecurityType() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityType gets LegSecurityType, Tag 609

func (NoLegs) GetLegSettlDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSettlDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSettlDate gets LegSettlDate, Tag 588

func (NoLegs) GetLegSettlType

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSettlType() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSettlType gets LegSettlType, Tag 587

func (NoLegs) GetLegSide

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSide() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSide gets LegSide, Tag 624

func (NoLegs) GetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) GetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue gets LegStateOrProvinceOfIssue, Tag 597

func (NoLegs) GetLegStrikeCurrency

func (m NoLegs) GetLegStrikeCurrency() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegStrikeCurrency gets LegStrikeCurrency, Tag 942

func (NoLegs) GetLegStrikePrice

func (m NoLegs) GetLegStrikePrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegStrikePrice gets LegStrikePrice, Tag 612

func (NoLegs) GetLegSwapType

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSwapType() (v enum.LegSwapType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSwapType gets LegSwapType, Tag 690

func (NoLegs) GetLegSymbol

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSymbol() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSymbol gets LegSymbol, Tag 600

func (NoLegs) GetLegSymbolSfx

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSymbolSfx() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSymbolSfx gets LegSymbolSfx, Tag 601

func (NoLegs) GetNoLegSecurityAltID

GetNoLegSecurityAltID gets NoLegSecurityAltID, Tag 604

func (NoLegs) GetNoLegStipulations

GetNoLegStipulations gets NoLegStipulations, Tag 683

func (NoLegs) GetNoNestedPartyIDs

GetNoNestedPartyIDs gets NoNestedPartyIDs, Tag 539

func (NoLegs) HasEncodedLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) HasEncodedLegIssuer() bool

HasEncodedLegIssuer returns true if EncodedLegIssuer is present, Tag 619

func (NoLegs) HasEncodedLegIssuerLen

func (m NoLegs) HasEncodedLegIssuerLen() bool

HasEncodedLegIssuerLen returns true if EncodedLegIssuerLen is present, Tag 618

func (NoLegs) HasEncodedLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) HasEncodedLegSecurityDesc() bool

HasEncodedLegSecurityDesc returns true if EncodedLegSecurityDesc is present, Tag 622

func (NoLegs) HasEncodedLegSecurityDescLen

func (m NoLegs) HasEncodedLegSecurityDescLen() bool

HasEncodedLegSecurityDescLen returns true if EncodedLegSecurityDescLen is present, Tag 621

func (NoLegs) HasLegCFICode

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCFICode() bool

HasLegCFICode returns true if LegCFICode is present, Tag 608

func (NoLegs) HasLegContractMultiplier

func (m NoLegs) HasLegContractMultiplier() bool

HasLegContractMultiplier returns true if LegContractMultiplier is present, Tag 614

func (NoLegs) HasLegContractSettlMonth

func (m NoLegs) HasLegContractSettlMonth() bool

HasLegContractSettlMonth returns true if LegContractSettlMonth is present, Tag 955

func (NoLegs) HasLegCountryOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCountryOfIssue() bool

HasLegCountryOfIssue returns true if LegCountryOfIssue is present, Tag 596

func (NoLegs) HasLegCouponPaymentDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCouponPaymentDate() bool

HasLegCouponPaymentDate returns true if LegCouponPaymentDate is present, Tag 248

func (NoLegs) HasLegCouponRate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCouponRate() bool

HasLegCouponRate returns true if LegCouponRate is present, Tag 615

func (NoLegs) HasLegCoveredOrUncovered

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCoveredOrUncovered() bool

HasLegCoveredOrUncovered returns true if LegCoveredOrUncovered is present, Tag 565

func (NoLegs) HasLegCreditRating

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCreditRating() bool

HasLegCreditRating returns true if LegCreditRating is present, Tag 257

func (NoLegs) HasLegCurrency

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCurrency() bool

HasLegCurrency returns true if LegCurrency is present, Tag 556

func (NoLegs) HasLegDatedDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegDatedDate() bool

HasLegDatedDate returns true if LegDatedDate is present, Tag 739

func (NoLegs) HasLegFactor

func (m NoLegs) HasLegFactor() bool

HasLegFactor returns true if LegFactor is present, Tag 253

func (NoLegs) HasLegInstrRegistry

func (m NoLegs) HasLegInstrRegistry() bool

HasLegInstrRegistry returns true if LegInstrRegistry is present, Tag 599

func (NoLegs) HasLegInterestAccrualDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegInterestAccrualDate() bool

HasLegInterestAccrualDate returns true if LegInterestAccrualDate is present, Tag 956

func (NoLegs) HasLegIssueDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegIssueDate() bool

HasLegIssueDate returns true if LegIssueDate is present, Tag 249

func (NoLegs) HasLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) HasLegIssuer() bool

HasLegIssuer returns true if LegIssuer is present, Tag 617

func (NoLegs) HasLegLastPx

func (m NoLegs) HasLegLastPx() bool

HasLegLastPx returns true if LegLastPx is present, Tag 637

func (NoLegs) HasLegLocaleOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) HasLegLocaleOfIssue() bool

HasLegLocaleOfIssue returns true if LegLocaleOfIssue is present, Tag 598

func (NoLegs) HasLegMaturityDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegMaturityDate() bool

HasLegMaturityDate returns true if LegMaturityDate is present, Tag 611

func (NoLegs) HasLegMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoLegs) HasLegMaturityMonthYear() bool

HasLegMaturityMonthYear returns true if LegMaturityMonthYear is present, Tag 610

func (NoLegs) HasLegOptAttribute

func (m NoLegs) HasLegOptAttribute() bool

HasLegOptAttribute returns true if LegOptAttribute is present, Tag 613

func (NoLegs) HasLegPool

func (m NoLegs) HasLegPool() bool

HasLegPool returns true if LegPool is present, Tag 740

func (NoLegs) HasLegPositionEffect

func (m NoLegs) HasLegPositionEffect() bool

HasLegPositionEffect returns true if LegPositionEffect is present, Tag 564

func (NoLegs) HasLegPrice

func (m NoLegs) HasLegPrice() bool

HasLegPrice returns true if LegPrice is present, Tag 566

func (NoLegs) HasLegProduct

func (m NoLegs) HasLegProduct() bool

HasLegProduct returns true if LegProduct is present, Tag 607

func (NoLegs) HasLegQty

func (m NoLegs) HasLegQty() bool

HasLegQty returns true if LegQty is present, Tag 687

func (NoLegs) HasLegRatioQty

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRatioQty() bool

HasLegRatioQty returns true if LegRatioQty is present, Tag 623

func (NoLegs) HasLegRedemptionDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRedemptionDate() bool

HasLegRedemptionDate returns true if LegRedemptionDate is present, Tag 254

func (NoLegs) HasLegRefID

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRefID() bool

HasLegRefID returns true if LegRefID is present, Tag 654

func (NoLegs) HasLegRepoCollateralSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRepoCollateralSecurityType() bool

HasLegRepoCollateralSecurityType returns true if LegRepoCollateralSecurityType is present, Tag 250

func (NoLegs) HasLegRepurchaseRate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRepurchaseRate() bool

HasLegRepurchaseRate returns true if LegRepurchaseRate is present, Tag 252

func (NoLegs) HasLegRepurchaseTerm

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRepurchaseTerm() bool

HasLegRepurchaseTerm returns true if LegRepurchaseTerm is present, Tag 251

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecurityDesc() bool

HasLegSecurityDesc returns true if LegSecurityDesc is present, Tag 620

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecurityExchange

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecurityExchange() bool

HasLegSecurityExchange returns true if LegSecurityExchange is present, Tag 616

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecurityID

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecurityID() bool

HasLegSecurityID returns true if LegSecurityID is present, Tag 602

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecurityIDSource

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecurityIDSource() bool

HasLegSecurityIDSource returns true if LegSecurityIDSource is present, Tag 603

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecuritySubType

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecuritySubType() bool

HasLegSecuritySubType returns true if LegSecuritySubType is present, Tag 764

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecurityType() bool

HasLegSecurityType returns true if LegSecurityType is present, Tag 609

func (NoLegs) HasLegSettlDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSettlDate() bool

HasLegSettlDate returns true if LegSettlDate is present, Tag 588

func (NoLegs) HasLegSettlType

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSettlType() bool

HasLegSettlType returns true if LegSettlType is present, Tag 587

func (NoLegs) HasLegSide

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSide() bool

HasLegSide returns true if LegSide is present, Tag 624

func (NoLegs) HasLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) HasLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue() bool

HasLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue returns true if LegStateOrProvinceOfIssue is present, Tag 597

func (NoLegs) HasLegStrikeCurrency

func (m NoLegs) HasLegStrikeCurrency() bool

HasLegStrikeCurrency returns true if LegStrikeCurrency is present, Tag 942

func (NoLegs) HasLegStrikePrice

func (m NoLegs) HasLegStrikePrice() bool

HasLegStrikePrice returns true if LegStrikePrice is present, Tag 612

func (NoLegs) HasLegSwapType

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSwapType() bool

HasLegSwapType returns true if LegSwapType is present, Tag 690

func (NoLegs) HasLegSymbol

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSymbol() bool

HasLegSymbol returns true if LegSymbol is present, Tag 600

func (NoLegs) HasLegSymbolSfx

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSymbolSfx() bool

HasLegSymbolSfx returns true if LegSymbolSfx is present, Tag 601

func (NoLegs) HasNoLegSecurityAltID

func (m NoLegs) HasNoLegSecurityAltID() bool

HasNoLegSecurityAltID returns true if NoLegSecurityAltID is present, Tag 604

func (NoLegs) HasNoLegStipulations

func (m NoLegs) HasNoLegStipulations() bool

HasNoLegStipulations returns true if NoLegStipulations is present, Tag 683

func (NoLegs) HasNoNestedPartyIDs

func (m NoLegs) HasNoNestedPartyIDs() bool

HasNoNestedPartyIDs returns true if NoNestedPartyIDs is present, Tag 539

func (NoLegs) SetEncodedLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) SetEncodedLegIssuer(v string)

SetEncodedLegIssuer sets EncodedLegIssuer, Tag 619

func (NoLegs) SetEncodedLegIssuerLen

func (m NoLegs) SetEncodedLegIssuerLen(v int)

SetEncodedLegIssuerLen sets EncodedLegIssuerLen, Tag 618

func (NoLegs) SetEncodedLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) SetEncodedLegSecurityDesc(v string)

SetEncodedLegSecurityDesc sets EncodedLegSecurityDesc, Tag 622

func (NoLegs) SetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen

func (m NoLegs) SetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen(v int)

SetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen sets EncodedLegSecurityDescLen, Tag 621

func (NoLegs) SetLegCFICode

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCFICode(v string)

SetLegCFICode sets LegCFICode, Tag 608

func (NoLegs) SetLegContractMultiplier

func (m NoLegs) SetLegContractMultiplier(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegContractMultiplier sets LegContractMultiplier, Tag 614

func (NoLegs) SetLegContractSettlMonth

func (m NoLegs) SetLegContractSettlMonth(v string)

SetLegContractSettlMonth sets LegContractSettlMonth, Tag 955

func (NoLegs) SetLegCountryOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCountryOfIssue(v string)

SetLegCountryOfIssue sets LegCountryOfIssue, Tag 596

func (NoLegs) SetLegCouponPaymentDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCouponPaymentDate(v string)

SetLegCouponPaymentDate sets LegCouponPaymentDate, Tag 248

func (NoLegs) SetLegCouponRate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCouponRate(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegCouponRate sets LegCouponRate, Tag 615

func (NoLegs) SetLegCoveredOrUncovered

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCoveredOrUncovered(v int)

SetLegCoveredOrUncovered sets LegCoveredOrUncovered, Tag 565

func (NoLegs) SetLegCreditRating

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCreditRating(v string)

SetLegCreditRating sets LegCreditRating, Tag 257

func (NoLegs) SetLegCurrency

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCurrency(v string)

SetLegCurrency sets LegCurrency, Tag 556

func (NoLegs) SetLegDatedDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegDatedDate(v string)

SetLegDatedDate sets LegDatedDate, Tag 739

func (NoLegs) SetLegFactor

func (m NoLegs) SetLegFactor(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegFactor sets LegFactor, Tag 253

func (NoLegs) SetLegInstrRegistry

func (m NoLegs) SetLegInstrRegistry(v string)

SetLegInstrRegistry sets LegInstrRegistry, Tag 599

func (NoLegs) SetLegInterestAccrualDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegInterestAccrualDate(v string)

SetLegInterestAccrualDate sets LegInterestAccrualDate, Tag 956

func (NoLegs) SetLegIssueDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegIssueDate(v string)

SetLegIssueDate sets LegIssueDate, Tag 249

func (NoLegs) SetLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) SetLegIssuer(v string)

SetLegIssuer sets LegIssuer, Tag 617

func (NoLegs) SetLegLastPx

func (m NoLegs) SetLegLastPx(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegLastPx sets LegLastPx, Tag 637

func (NoLegs) SetLegLocaleOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) SetLegLocaleOfIssue(v string)

SetLegLocaleOfIssue sets LegLocaleOfIssue, Tag 598

func (NoLegs) SetLegMaturityDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegMaturityDate(v string)

SetLegMaturityDate sets LegMaturityDate, Tag 611

func (NoLegs) SetLegMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoLegs) SetLegMaturityMonthYear(v string)

SetLegMaturityMonthYear sets LegMaturityMonthYear, Tag 610

func (NoLegs) SetLegOptAttribute

func (m NoLegs) SetLegOptAttribute(v string)

SetLegOptAttribute sets LegOptAttribute, Tag 613

func (NoLegs) SetLegPool

func (m NoLegs) SetLegPool(v string)

SetLegPool sets LegPool, Tag 740

func (NoLegs) SetLegPositionEffect

func (m NoLegs) SetLegPositionEffect(v string)

SetLegPositionEffect sets LegPositionEffect, Tag 564

func (NoLegs) SetLegPrice

func (m NoLegs) SetLegPrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegPrice sets LegPrice, Tag 566

func (NoLegs) SetLegProduct

func (m NoLegs) SetLegProduct(v int)

SetLegProduct sets LegProduct, Tag 607

func (NoLegs) SetLegQty

func (m NoLegs) SetLegQty(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegQty sets LegQty, Tag 687

func (NoLegs) SetLegRatioQty

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRatioQty(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegRatioQty sets LegRatioQty, Tag 623

func (NoLegs) SetLegRedemptionDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRedemptionDate(v string)

SetLegRedemptionDate sets LegRedemptionDate, Tag 254

func (NoLegs) SetLegRefID

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRefID(v string)

SetLegRefID sets LegRefID, Tag 654

func (NoLegs) SetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType(v int)

SetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType sets LegRepoCollateralSecurityType, Tag 250

func (NoLegs) SetLegRepurchaseRate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRepurchaseRate(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegRepurchaseRate sets LegRepurchaseRate, Tag 252

func (NoLegs) SetLegRepurchaseTerm

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRepurchaseTerm(v int)

SetLegRepurchaseTerm sets LegRepurchaseTerm, Tag 251

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecurityDesc(v string)

SetLegSecurityDesc sets LegSecurityDesc, Tag 620

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecurityExchange

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecurityExchange(v string)

SetLegSecurityExchange sets LegSecurityExchange, Tag 616

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecurityID

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecurityID(v string)

SetLegSecurityID sets LegSecurityID, Tag 602

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecurityIDSource

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecurityIDSource(v string)

SetLegSecurityIDSource sets LegSecurityIDSource, Tag 603

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecuritySubType

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecuritySubType(v string)

SetLegSecuritySubType sets LegSecuritySubType, Tag 764

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecurityType(v string)

SetLegSecurityType sets LegSecurityType, Tag 609

func (NoLegs) SetLegSettlDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSettlDate(v string)

SetLegSettlDate sets LegSettlDate, Tag 588

func (NoLegs) SetLegSettlType

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSettlType(v string)

SetLegSettlType sets LegSettlType, Tag 587

func (NoLegs) SetLegSide

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSide(v string)

SetLegSide sets LegSide, Tag 624

func (NoLegs) SetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) SetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue(v string)

SetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue sets LegStateOrProvinceOfIssue, Tag 597

func (NoLegs) SetLegStrikeCurrency

func (m NoLegs) SetLegStrikeCurrency(v string)

SetLegStrikeCurrency sets LegStrikeCurrency, Tag 942

func (NoLegs) SetLegStrikePrice

func (m NoLegs) SetLegStrikePrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegStrikePrice sets LegStrikePrice, Tag 612

func (NoLegs) SetLegSwapType

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSwapType(v enum.LegSwapType)

SetLegSwapType sets LegSwapType, Tag 690

func (NoLegs) SetLegSymbol

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSymbol(v string)

SetLegSymbol sets LegSymbol, Tag 600

func (NoLegs) SetLegSymbolSfx

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSymbolSfx(v string)

SetLegSymbolSfx sets LegSymbolSfx, Tag 601

func (NoLegs) SetNoLegSecurityAltID

func (m NoLegs) SetNoLegSecurityAltID(f NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup)

SetNoLegSecurityAltID sets NoLegSecurityAltID, Tag 604

func (NoLegs) SetNoLegStipulations

func (m NoLegs) SetNoLegStipulations(f NoLegStipulationsRepeatingGroup)

SetNoLegStipulations sets NoLegStipulations, Tag 683

func (NoLegs) SetNoNestedPartyIDs

func (m NoLegs) SetNoNestedPartyIDs(f NoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup)

SetNoNestedPartyIDs sets NoNestedPartyIDs, Tag 539

type NoLegsRepeatingGroup

type NoLegsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoLegsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 555

func NewNoLegsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoLegsRepeatingGroup() NoLegsRepeatingGroup

NewNoLegsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoLegsRepeatingGroup

func (NoLegsRepeatingGroup) Add

func (m NoLegsRepeatingGroup) Add() NoLegs

Add create and append a new NoLegs to this group

func (NoLegsRepeatingGroup) Get

func (m NoLegsRepeatingGroup) Get(i int) NoLegs

Get returns the ith NoLegs in the NoLegsRepeatinGroup

type NoNested2PartyIDs

type NoNested2PartyIDs struct {

NoNested2PartyIDs is a repeating group element, Tag 756

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) GetNested2PartyID

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) GetNested2PartyID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNested2PartyID gets Nested2PartyID, Tag 757

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) GetNested2PartyIDSource

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) GetNested2PartyIDSource() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNested2PartyIDSource gets Nested2PartyIDSource, Tag 758

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) GetNested2PartyRole

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) GetNested2PartyRole() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNested2PartyRole gets Nested2PartyRole, Tag 759

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) GetNoNested2PartySubIDs

GetNoNested2PartySubIDs gets NoNested2PartySubIDs, Tag 806

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) HasNested2PartyID

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) HasNested2PartyID() bool

HasNested2PartyID returns true if Nested2PartyID is present, Tag 757

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) HasNested2PartyIDSource

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) HasNested2PartyIDSource() bool

HasNested2PartyIDSource returns true if Nested2PartyIDSource is present, Tag 758

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) HasNested2PartyRole

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) HasNested2PartyRole() bool

HasNested2PartyRole returns true if Nested2PartyRole is present, Tag 759

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) HasNoNested2PartySubIDs

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) HasNoNested2PartySubIDs() bool

HasNoNested2PartySubIDs returns true if NoNested2PartySubIDs is present, Tag 806

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) SetNested2PartyID

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) SetNested2PartyID(v string)

SetNested2PartyID sets Nested2PartyID, Tag 757

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) SetNested2PartyIDSource

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) SetNested2PartyIDSource(v string)

SetNested2PartyIDSource sets Nested2PartyIDSource, Tag 758

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) SetNested2PartyRole

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) SetNested2PartyRole(v int)

SetNested2PartyRole sets Nested2PartyRole, Tag 759

func (NoNested2PartyIDs) SetNoNested2PartySubIDs

func (m NoNested2PartyIDs) SetNoNested2PartySubIDs(f NoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup)

SetNoNested2PartySubIDs sets NoNested2PartySubIDs, Tag 806

type NoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup

type NoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 756

func NewNoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup() NoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup

NewNoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup

func (NoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoNested2PartyIDs to this group

func (NoNested2PartyIDsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoNested2PartyIDs in the NoNested2PartyIDsRepeatinGroup

type NoNested2PartySubIDs

type NoNested2PartySubIDs struct {

NoNested2PartySubIDs is a repeating group element, Tag 806

func (NoNested2PartySubIDs) GetNested2PartySubID

func (m NoNested2PartySubIDs) GetNested2PartySubID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNested2PartySubID gets Nested2PartySubID, Tag 760

func (NoNested2PartySubIDs) GetNested2PartySubIDType

func (m NoNested2PartySubIDs) GetNested2PartySubIDType() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNested2PartySubIDType gets Nested2PartySubIDType, Tag 807

func (NoNested2PartySubIDs) HasNested2PartySubID

func (m NoNested2PartySubIDs) HasNested2PartySubID() bool

HasNested2PartySubID returns true if Nested2PartySubID is present, Tag 760

func (NoNested2PartySubIDs) HasNested2PartySubIDType

func (m NoNested2PartySubIDs) HasNested2PartySubIDType() bool

HasNested2PartySubIDType returns true if Nested2PartySubIDType is present, Tag 807

func (NoNested2PartySubIDs) SetNested2PartySubID

func (m NoNested2PartySubIDs) SetNested2PartySubID(v string)

SetNested2PartySubID sets Nested2PartySubID, Tag 760

func (NoNested2PartySubIDs) SetNested2PartySubIDType

func (m NoNested2PartySubIDs) SetNested2PartySubIDType(v int)

SetNested2PartySubIDType sets Nested2PartySubIDType, Tag 807

type NoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

type NoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 806

func NewNoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup() NoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

NewNoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

func (NoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoNested2PartySubIDs to this group

func (NoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoNested2PartySubIDs in the NoNested2PartySubIDsRepeatinGroup

type NoNestedPartyIDs

type NoNestedPartyIDs struct {

NoNestedPartyIDs is a repeating group element, Tag 539

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) GetNestedPartyID

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) GetNestedPartyID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNestedPartyID gets NestedPartyID, Tag 524

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) GetNestedPartyIDSource

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) GetNestedPartyIDSource() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNestedPartyIDSource gets NestedPartyIDSource, Tag 525

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) GetNestedPartyRole

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) GetNestedPartyRole() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNestedPartyRole gets NestedPartyRole, Tag 538

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) GetNoNestedPartySubIDs

GetNoNestedPartySubIDs gets NoNestedPartySubIDs, Tag 804

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) HasNestedPartyID

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) HasNestedPartyID() bool

HasNestedPartyID returns true if NestedPartyID is present, Tag 524

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) HasNestedPartyIDSource

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) HasNestedPartyIDSource() bool

HasNestedPartyIDSource returns true if NestedPartyIDSource is present, Tag 525

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) HasNestedPartyRole

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) HasNestedPartyRole() bool

HasNestedPartyRole returns true if NestedPartyRole is present, Tag 538

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) HasNoNestedPartySubIDs

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) HasNoNestedPartySubIDs() bool

HasNoNestedPartySubIDs returns true if NoNestedPartySubIDs is present, Tag 804

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) SetNestedPartyID

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) SetNestedPartyID(v string)

SetNestedPartyID sets NestedPartyID, Tag 524

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) SetNestedPartyIDSource

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) SetNestedPartyIDSource(v string)

SetNestedPartyIDSource sets NestedPartyIDSource, Tag 525

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) SetNestedPartyRole

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) SetNestedPartyRole(v int)

SetNestedPartyRole sets NestedPartyRole, Tag 538

func (NoNestedPartyIDs) SetNoNestedPartySubIDs

func (m NoNestedPartyIDs) SetNoNestedPartySubIDs(f NoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup)

SetNoNestedPartySubIDs sets NoNestedPartySubIDs, Tag 804

type NoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup

type NoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 539

func NewNoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup() NoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup

NewNoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup

func (NoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoNestedPartyIDs to this group

func (NoNestedPartyIDsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoNestedPartyIDs in the NoNestedPartyIDsRepeatinGroup

type NoNestedPartySubIDs

type NoNestedPartySubIDs struct {

NoNestedPartySubIDs is a repeating group element, Tag 804

func (NoNestedPartySubIDs) GetNestedPartySubID

func (m NoNestedPartySubIDs) GetNestedPartySubID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNestedPartySubID gets NestedPartySubID, Tag 545

func (NoNestedPartySubIDs) GetNestedPartySubIDType

func (m NoNestedPartySubIDs) GetNestedPartySubIDType() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNestedPartySubIDType gets NestedPartySubIDType, Tag 805

func (NoNestedPartySubIDs) HasNestedPartySubID

func (m NoNestedPartySubIDs) HasNestedPartySubID() bool

HasNestedPartySubID returns true if NestedPartySubID is present, Tag 545

func (NoNestedPartySubIDs) HasNestedPartySubIDType

func (m NoNestedPartySubIDs) HasNestedPartySubIDType() bool

HasNestedPartySubIDType returns true if NestedPartySubIDType is present, Tag 805

func (NoNestedPartySubIDs) SetNestedPartySubID

func (m NoNestedPartySubIDs) SetNestedPartySubID(v string)

SetNestedPartySubID sets NestedPartySubID, Tag 545

func (NoNestedPartySubIDs) SetNestedPartySubIDType

func (m NoNestedPartySubIDs) SetNestedPartySubIDType(v int)

SetNestedPartySubIDType sets NestedPartySubIDType, Tag 805

type NoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

type NoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 804

func NewNoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup() NoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

NewNoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

func (NoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoNestedPartySubIDs to this group

func (NoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoNestedPartySubIDs in the NoNestedPartySubIDsRepeatinGroup

type NoSecurityAltID

type NoSecurityAltID struct {

NoSecurityAltID is a repeating group element, Tag 454

func (NoSecurityAltID) GetSecurityAltID

func (m NoSecurityAltID) GetSecurityAltID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecurityAltID gets SecurityAltID, Tag 455

func (NoSecurityAltID) GetSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoSecurityAltID) GetSecurityAltIDSource() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecurityAltIDSource gets SecurityAltIDSource, Tag 456

func (NoSecurityAltID) HasSecurityAltID

func (m NoSecurityAltID) HasSecurityAltID() bool

HasSecurityAltID returns true if SecurityAltID is present, Tag 455

func (NoSecurityAltID) HasSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoSecurityAltID) HasSecurityAltIDSource() bool

HasSecurityAltIDSource returns true if SecurityAltIDSource is present, Tag 456

func (NoSecurityAltID) SetSecurityAltID

func (m NoSecurityAltID) SetSecurityAltID(v string)

SetSecurityAltID sets SecurityAltID, Tag 455

func (NoSecurityAltID) SetSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoSecurityAltID) SetSecurityAltIDSource(v string)

SetSecurityAltIDSource sets SecurityAltIDSource, Tag 456

type NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

type NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup struct {

NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 454

func NewNoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

func NewNoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup() NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

NewNoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

func (NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoSecurityAltID to this group

func (NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoSecurityAltID in the NoSecurityAltIDRepeatinGroup

type NoTrdRegTimestamps

type NoTrdRegTimestamps struct {

NoTrdRegTimestamps is a repeating group element, Tag 768

func (NoTrdRegTimestamps) GetTrdRegTimestamp

func (m NoTrdRegTimestamps) GetTrdRegTimestamp() (v time.Time, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTrdRegTimestamp gets TrdRegTimestamp, Tag 769

func (NoTrdRegTimestamps) GetTrdRegTimestampOrigin

func (m NoTrdRegTimestamps) GetTrdRegTimestampOrigin() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTrdRegTimestampOrigin gets TrdRegTimestampOrigin, Tag 771

func (NoTrdRegTimestamps) GetTrdRegTimestampType

func (m NoTrdRegTimestamps) GetTrdRegTimestampType() (v enum.TrdRegTimestampType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTrdRegTimestampType gets TrdRegTimestampType, Tag 770

func (NoTrdRegTimestamps) HasTrdRegTimestamp

func (m NoTrdRegTimestamps) HasTrdRegTimestamp() bool

HasTrdRegTimestamp returns true if TrdRegTimestamp is present, Tag 769

func (NoTrdRegTimestamps) HasTrdRegTimestampOrigin

func (m NoTrdRegTimestamps) HasTrdRegTimestampOrigin() bool

HasTrdRegTimestampOrigin returns true if TrdRegTimestampOrigin is present, Tag 771

func (NoTrdRegTimestamps) HasTrdRegTimestampType

func (m NoTrdRegTimestamps) HasTrdRegTimestampType() bool

HasTrdRegTimestampType returns true if TrdRegTimestampType is present, Tag 770

func (NoTrdRegTimestamps) SetTrdRegTimestamp

func (m NoTrdRegTimestamps) SetTrdRegTimestamp(v time.Time)

SetTrdRegTimestamp sets TrdRegTimestamp, Tag 769

func (NoTrdRegTimestamps) SetTrdRegTimestampOrigin

func (m NoTrdRegTimestamps) SetTrdRegTimestampOrigin(v string)

SetTrdRegTimestampOrigin sets TrdRegTimestampOrigin, Tag 771

func (NoTrdRegTimestamps) SetTrdRegTimestampType

func (m NoTrdRegTimestamps) SetTrdRegTimestampType(v enum.TrdRegTimestampType)

SetTrdRegTimestampType sets TrdRegTimestampType, Tag 770

type NoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup

type NoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 768

func NewNoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup() NoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup

NewNoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup

func (NoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoTrdRegTimestamps to this group

func (NoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoTrdRegTimestamps in the NoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatinGroup

type RouteOut

A RouteOut is the callback type that should be implemented for routing Message

type TradeCaptureReportAck

type TradeCaptureReportAck struct {
	Message *quickfix.Message

TradeCaptureReportAck is the fix44 TradeCaptureReportAck type, MsgType = AR

func FromMessage

func FromMessage(m *quickfix.Message) TradeCaptureReportAck

FromMessage creates a TradeCaptureReportAck from a quickfix.Message instance

func New

func New(tradereportid field.TradeReportIDField, exectype field.ExecTypeField) (m TradeCaptureReportAck)

New returns a TradeCaptureReportAck initialized with the required fields for TradeCaptureReportAck

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetAccount

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetAccount() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetAccount gets Account, Tag 1

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetAccountType

GetAccountType gets AccountType, Tag 581

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetAcctIDSource

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetAcctIDSource() (v enum.AcctIDSource, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetAcctIDSource gets AcctIDSource, Tag 660

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCFICode

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCFICode() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetCFICode gets CFICode, Tag 461

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCPProgram

GetCPProgram gets CPProgram, Tag 875

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCPRegType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCPRegType() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetCPRegType gets CPRegType, Tag 876

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetClearingFeeIndicator

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetClearingFeeIndicator() (v enum.ClearingFeeIndicator, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetClearingFeeIndicator gets ClearingFeeIndicator, Tag 635

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetContractMultiplier

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetContractMultiplier() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetContractMultiplier gets ContractMultiplier, Tag 231

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetContractSettlMonth

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetContractSettlMonth() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetContractSettlMonth gets ContractSettlMonth, Tag 667

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCountryOfIssue

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCountryOfIssue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetCountryOfIssue gets CountryOfIssue, Tag 470

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCouponPaymentDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCouponPaymentDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetCouponPaymentDate gets CouponPaymentDate, Tag 224

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCouponRate

GetCouponRate gets CouponRate, Tag 223

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCreditRating

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCreditRating() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetCreditRating gets CreditRating, Tag 255

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCustOrderCapacity

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetCustOrderCapacity() (v enum.CustOrderCapacity, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetCustOrderCapacity gets CustOrderCapacity, Tag 582

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetDatedDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetDatedDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetDatedDate gets DatedDate, Tag 873

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedIssuer

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedIssuer() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedIssuer gets EncodedIssuer, Tag 349

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedIssuerLen

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedIssuerLen() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedIssuerLen gets EncodedIssuerLen, Tag 348

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedSecurityDesc

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedSecurityDesc() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedSecurityDesc gets EncodedSecurityDesc, Tag 351

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedSecurityDescLen

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedSecurityDescLen() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedSecurityDescLen gets EncodedSecurityDescLen, Tag 350

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedText

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedText() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedText gets EncodedText, Tag 355

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedTextLen

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetEncodedTextLen() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedTextLen gets EncodedTextLen, Tag 354

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetExecID

GetExecID gets ExecID, Tag 17

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetExecType

GetExecType gets ExecType, Tag 150

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetFactor

GetFactor gets Factor, Tag 228

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetInstrRegistry

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetInstrRegistry() (v enum.InstrRegistry, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetInstrRegistry gets InstrRegistry, Tag 543

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetInterestAccrualDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetInterestAccrualDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetInterestAccrualDate gets InterestAccrualDate, Tag 874

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetIssueDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetIssueDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetIssueDate gets IssueDate, Tag 225

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetIssuer

GetIssuer gets Issuer, Tag 106

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetLocaleOfIssue

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetLocaleOfIssue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLocaleOfIssue gets LocaleOfIssue, Tag 472

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetMaturityDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetMaturityDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMaturityDate gets MaturityDate, Tag 541

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetMaturityMonthYear

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetMaturityMonthYear() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMaturityMonthYear gets MaturityMonthYear, Tag 200

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetNoAllocs

GetNoAllocs gets NoAllocs, Tag 78

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetNoEvents

GetNoEvents gets NoEvents, Tag 864

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetNoLegs

GetNoLegs gets NoLegs, Tag 555

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetNoSecurityAltID

GetNoSecurityAltID gets NoSecurityAltID, Tag 454

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetNoTrdRegTimestamps

GetNoTrdRegTimestamps gets NoTrdRegTimestamps, Tag 768

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetOptAttribute

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetOptAttribute() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetOptAttribute gets OptAttribute, Tag 206

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetOrderCapacity

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetOrderCapacity() (v enum.OrderCapacity, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetOrderCapacity gets OrderCapacity, Tag 528

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetOrderRestrictions

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetOrderRestrictions() (v enum.OrderRestrictions, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetOrderRestrictions gets OrderRestrictions, Tag 529

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetPool

GetPool gets Pool, Tag 691

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetPositionEffect

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetPositionEffect() (v enum.PositionEffect, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetPositionEffect gets PositionEffect, Tag 77

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetPreallocMethod

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetPreallocMethod() (v enum.PreallocMethod, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetPreallocMethod gets PreallocMethod, Tag 591

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetProduct

GetProduct gets Product, Tag 460

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetRedemptionDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetRedemptionDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetRedemptionDate gets RedemptionDate, Tag 240

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetRepoCollateralSecurityType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetRepoCollateralSecurityType() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetRepoCollateralSecurityType gets RepoCollateralSecurityType, Tag 239

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetRepurchaseRate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetRepurchaseRate() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetRepurchaseRate gets RepurchaseRate, Tag 227

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetRepurchaseTerm

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetRepurchaseTerm() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetRepurchaseTerm gets RepurchaseTerm, Tag 226

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetResponseDestination

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetResponseDestination() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetResponseDestination gets ResponseDestination, Tag 726

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetResponseTransportType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetResponseTransportType() (v enum.ResponseTransportType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetResponseTransportType gets ResponseTransportType, Tag 725

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecondaryExecID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecondaryExecID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecondaryExecID gets SecondaryExecID, Tag 527

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecondaryTradeReportID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecondaryTradeReportID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecondaryTradeReportID gets SecondaryTradeReportID, Tag 818

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecondaryTradeReportRefID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecondaryTradeReportRefID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecondaryTradeReportRefID gets SecondaryTradeReportRefID, Tag 881

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecondaryTrdType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecondaryTrdType() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecondaryTrdType gets SecondaryTrdType, Tag 855

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecurityDesc

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecurityDesc() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecurityDesc gets SecurityDesc, Tag 107

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecurityExchange

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecurityExchange() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecurityExchange gets SecurityExchange, Tag 207

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecurityID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecurityID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecurityID gets SecurityID, Tag 48

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecurityIDSource

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecurityIDSource() (v enum.SecurityIDSource, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecurityIDSource gets SecurityIDSource, Tag 22

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecuritySubType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecuritySubType() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecuritySubType gets SecuritySubType, Tag 762

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecurityType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSecurityType() (v enum.SecurityType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecurityType gets SecurityType, Tag 167

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetStateOrProvinceOfIssue

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetStateOrProvinceOfIssue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStateOrProvinceOfIssue gets StateOrProvinceOfIssue, Tag 471

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetStrikeCurrency

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetStrikeCurrency() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStrikeCurrency gets StrikeCurrency, Tag 947

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetStrikePrice

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetStrikePrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStrikePrice gets StrikePrice, Tag 202

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSubscriptionRequestType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSubscriptionRequestType() (v enum.SubscriptionRequestType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSubscriptionRequestType gets SubscriptionRequestType, Tag 263

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSymbol

GetSymbol gets Symbol, Tag 55

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetSymbolSfx

GetSymbolSfx gets SymbolSfx, Tag 65

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetText

GetText gets Text, Tag 58

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeLinkID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeLinkID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTradeLinkID gets TradeLinkID, Tag 820

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeReportID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeReportID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTradeReportID gets TradeReportID, Tag 571

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeReportRefID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeReportRefID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTradeReportRefID gets TradeReportRefID, Tag 572

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeReportRejectReason

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeReportRejectReason() (v enum.TradeReportRejectReason, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTradeReportRejectReason gets TradeReportRejectReason, Tag 751

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeReportTransType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeReportTransType() (v enum.TradeReportTransType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTradeReportTransType gets TradeReportTransType, Tag 487

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeReportType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTradeReportType() (v enum.TradeReportType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTradeReportType gets TradeReportType, Tag 856

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTransactTime

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTransactTime() (v time.Time, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTransactTime gets TransactTime, Tag 60

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTransferReason

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTransferReason() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTransferReason gets TransferReason, Tag 830

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTrdMatchID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTrdMatchID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTrdMatchID gets TrdMatchID, Tag 880

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTrdRptStatus

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTrdRptStatus() (v enum.TrdRptStatus, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTrdRptStatus gets TrdRptStatus, Tag 939

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTrdSubType

GetTrdSubType gets TrdSubType, Tag 829

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) GetTrdType

GetTrdType gets TrdType, Tag 828

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasAccount

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasAccount() bool

HasAccount returns true if Account is present, Tag 1

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasAccountType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasAccountType() bool

HasAccountType returns true if AccountType is present, Tag 581

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasAcctIDSource

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasAcctIDSource() bool

HasAcctIDSource returns true if AcctIDSource is present, Tag 660

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCFICode

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCFICode() bool

HasCFICode returns true if CFICode is present, Tag 461

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCPProgram

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCPProgram() bool

HasCPProgram returns true if CPProgram is present, Tag 875

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCPRegType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCPRegType() bool

HasCPRegType returns true if CPRegType is present, Tag 876

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasClearingFeeIndicator

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasClearingFeeIndicator() bool

HasClearingFeeIndicator returns true if ClearingFeeIndicator is present, Tag 635

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasContractMultiplier

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasContractMultiplier() bool

HasContractMultiplier returns true if ContractMultiplier is present, Tag 231

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasContractSettlMonth

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasContractSettlMonth() bool

HasContractSettlMonth returns true if ContractSettlMonth is present, Tag 667

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCountryOfIssue

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCountryOfIssue() bool

HasCountryOfIssue returns true if CountryOfIssue is present, Tag 470

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCouponPaymentDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCouponPaymentDate() bool

HasCouponPaymentDate returns true if CouponPaymentDate is present, Tag 224

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCouponRate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCouponRate() bool

HasCouponRate returns true if CouponRate is present, Tag 223

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCreditRating

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCreditRating() bool

HasCreditRating returns true if CreditRating is present, Tag 255

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCustOrderCapacity

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasCustOrderCapacity() bool

HasCustOrderCapacity returns true if CustOrderCapacity is present, Tag 582

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasDatedDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasDatedDate() bool

HasDatedDate returns true if DatedDate is present, Tag 873

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedIssuer

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedIssuer() bool

HasEncodedIssuer returns true if EncodedIssuer is present, Tag 349

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedIssuerLen

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedIssuerLen() bool

HasEncodedIssuerLen returns true if EncodedIssuerLen is present, Tag 348

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedSecurityDesc

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedSecurityDesc() bool

HasEncodedSecurityDesc returns true if EncodedSecurityDesc is present, Tag 351

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedSecurityDescLen

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedSecurityDescLen() bool

HasEncodedSecurityDescLen returns true if EncodedSecurityDescLen is present, Tag 350

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedText

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedText() bool

HasEncodedText returns true if EncodedText is present, Tag 355

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedTextLen

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasEncodedTextLen() bool

HasEncodedTextLen returns true if EncodedTextLen is present, Tag 354

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasExecID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasExecID() bool

HasExecID returns true if ExecID is present, Tag 17

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasExecType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasExecType() bool

HasExecType returns true if ExecType is present, Tag 150

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasFactor

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasFactor() bool

HasFactor returns true if Factor is present, Tag 228

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasInstrRegistry

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasInstrRegistry() bool

HasInstrRegistry returns true if InstrRegistry is present, Tag 543

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasInterestAccrualDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasInterestAccrualDate() bool

HasInterestAccrualDate returns true if InterestAccrualDate is present, Tag 874

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasIssueDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasIssueDate() bool

HasIssueDate returns true if IssueDate is present, Tag 225

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasIssuer

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasIssuer() bool

HasIssuer returns true if Issuer is present, Tag 106

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasLocaleOfIssue

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasLocaleOfIssue() bool

HasLocaleOfIssue returns true if LocaleOfIssue is present, Tag 472

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasMaturityDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasMaturityDate() bool

HasMaturityDate returns true if MaturityDate is present, Tag 541

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasMaturityMonthYear

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasMaturityMonthYear() bool

HasMaturityMonthYear returns true if MaturityMonthYear is present, Tag 200

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasNoAllocs

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasNoAllocs() bool

HasNoAllocs returns true if NoAllocs is present, Tag 78

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasNoEvents

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasNoEvents() bool

HasNoEvents returns true if NoEvents is present, Tag 864

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasNoLegs

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasNoLegs() bool

HasNoLegs returns true if NoLegs is present, Tag 555

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasNoSecurityAltID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasNoSecurityAltID() bool

HasNoSecurityAltID returns true if NoSecurityAltID is present, Tag 454

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasNoTrdRegTimestamps

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasNoTrdRegTimestamps() bool

HasNoTrdRegTimestamps returns true if NoTrdRegTimestamps is present, Tag 768

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasOptAttribute

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasOptAttribute() bool

HasOptAttribute returns true if OptAttribute is present, Tag 206

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasOrderCapacity

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasOrderCapacity() bool

HasOrderCapacity returns true if OrderCapacity is present, Tag 528

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasOrderRestrictions

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasOrderRestrictions() bool

HasOrderRestrictions returns true if OrderRestrictions is present, Tag 529

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasPool

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasPool() bool

HasPool returns true if Pool is present, Tag 691

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasPositionEffect

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasPositionEffect() bool

HasPositionEffect returns true if PositionEffect is present, Tag 77

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasPreallocMethod

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasPreallocMethod() bool

HasPreallocMethod returns true if PreallocMethod is present, Tag 591

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasProduct

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasProduct() bool

HasProduct returns true if Product is present, Tag 460

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasRedemptionDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasRedemptionDate() bool

HasRedemptionDate returns true if RedemptionDate is present, Tag 240

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasRepoCollateralSecurityType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasRepoCollateralSecurityType() bool

HasRepoCollateralSecurityType returns true if RepoCollateralSecurityType is present, Tag 239

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasRepurchaseRate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasRepurchaseRate() bool

HasRepurchaseRate returns true if RepurchaseRate is present, Tag 227

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasRepurchaseTerm

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasRepurchaseTerm() bool

HasRepurchaseTerm returns true if RepurchaseTerm is present, Tag 226

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasResponseDestination

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasResponseDestination() bool

HasResponseDestination returns true if ResponseDestination is present, Tag 726

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasResponseTransportType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasResponseTransportType() bool

HasResponseTransportType returns true if ResponseTransportType is present, Tag 725

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecondaryExecID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecondaryExecID() bool

HasSecondaryExecID returns true if SecondaryExecID is present, Tag 527

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecondaryTradeReportID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecondaryTradeReportID() bool

HasSecondaryTradeReportID returns true if SecondaryTradeReportID is present, Tag 818

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecondaryTradeReportRefID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecondaryTradeReportRefID() bool

HasSecondaryTradeReportRefID returns true if SecondaryTradeReportRefID is present, Tag 881

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecondaryTrdType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecondaryTrdType() bool

HasSecondaryTrdType returns true if SecondaryTrdType is present, Tag 855

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecurityDesc

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecurityDesc() bool

HasSecurityDesc returns true if SecurityDesc is present, Tag 107

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecurityExchange

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecurityExchange() bool

HasSecurityExchange returns true if SecurityExchange is present, Tag 207

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecurityID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecurityID() bool

HasSecurityID returns true if SecurityID is present, Tag 48

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecurityIDSource

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecurityIDSource() bool

HasSecurityIDSource returns true if SecurityIDSource is present, Tag 22

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecuritySubType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecuritySubType() bool

HasSecuritySubType returns true if SecuritySubType is present, Tag 762

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecurityType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSecurityType() bool

HasSecurityType returns true if SecurityType is present, Tag 167

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasStateOrProvinceOfIssue

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasStateOrProvinceOfIssue() bool

HasStateOrProvinceOfIssue returns true if StateOrProvinceOfIssue is present, Tag 471

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasStrikeCurrency

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasStrikeCurrency() bool

HasStrikeCurrency returns true if StrikeCurrency is present, Tag 947

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasStrikePrice

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasStrikePrice() bool

HasStrikePrice returns true if StrikePrice is present, Tag 202

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSubscriptionRequestType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSubscriptionRequestType() bool

HasSubscriptionRequestType returns true if SubscriptionRequestType is present, Tag 263

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSymbol

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSymbol() bool

HasSymbol returns true if Symbol is present, Tag 55

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSymbolSfx

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasSymbolSfx() bool

HasSymbolSfx returns true if SymbolSfx is present, Tag 65

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasText

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasText() bool

HasText returns true if Text is present, Tag 58

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeLinkID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeLinkID() bool

HasTradeLinkID returns true if TradeLinkID is present, Tag 820

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeReportID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeReportID() bool

HasTradeReportID returns true if TradeReportID is present, Tag 571

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeReportRefID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeReportRefID() bool

HasTradeReportRefID returns true if TradeReportRefID is present, Tag 572

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeReportRejectReason

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeReportRejectReason() bool

HasTradeReportRejectReason returns true if TradeReportRejectReason is present, Tag 751

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeReportTransType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeReportTransType() bool

HasTradeReportTransType returns true if TradeReportTransType is present, Tag 487

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeReportType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTradeReportType() bool

HasTradeReportType returns true if TradeReportType is present, Tag 856

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTransactTime

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTransactTime() bool

HasTransactTime returns true if TransactTime is present, Tag 60

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTransferReason

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTransferReason() bool

HasTransferReason returns true if TransferReason is present, Tag 830

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTrdMatchID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTrdMatchID() bool

HasTrdMatchID returns true if TrdMatchID is present, Tag 880

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTrdRptStatus

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTrdRptStatus() bool

HasTrdRptStatus returns true if TrdRptStatus is present, Tag 939

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTrdSubType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTrdSubType() bool

HasTrdSubType returns true if TrdSubType is present, Tag 829

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTrdType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) HasTrdType() bool

HasTrdType returns true if TrdType is present, Tag 828

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetAccount

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetAccount(v string)

SetAccount sets Account, Tag 1

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetAccountType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetAccountType(v enum.AccountType)

SetAccountType sets AccountType, Tag 581

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetAcctIDSource

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetAcctIDSource(v enum.AcctIDSource)

SetAcctIDSource sets AcctIDSource, Tag 660

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCFICode

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCFICode(v string)

SetCFICode sets CFICode, Tag 461

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCPProgram

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCPProgram(v enum.CPProgram)

SetCPProgram sets CPProgram, Tag 875

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCPRegType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCPRegType(v string)

SetCPRegType sets CPRegType, Tag 876

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetClearingFeeIndicator

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetClearingFeeIndicator(v enum.ClearingFeeIndicator)

SetClearingFeeIndicator sets ClearingFeeIndicator, Tag 635

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetContractMultiplier

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetContractMultiplier(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetContractMultiplier sets ContractMultiplier, Tag 231

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetContractSettlMonth

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetContractSettlMonth(v string)

SetContractSettlMonth sets ContractSettlMonth, Tag 667

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCountryOfIssue

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCountryOfIssue(v string)

SetCountryOfIssue sets CountryOfIssue, Tag 470

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCouponPaymentDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCouponPaymentDate(v string)

SetCouponPaymentDate sets CouponPaymentDate, Tag 224

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCouponRate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCouponRate(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetCouponRate sets CouponRate, Tag 223

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCreditRating

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCreditRating(v string)

SetCreditRating sets CreditRating, Tag 255

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCustOrderCapacity

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetCustOrderCapacity(v enum.CustOrderCapacity)

SetCustOrderCapacity sets CustOrderCapacity, Tag 582

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetDatedDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetDatedDate(v string)

SetDatedDate sets DatedDate, Tag 873

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedIssuer

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedIssuer(v string)

SetEncodedIssuer sets EncodedIssuer, Tag 349

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedIssuerLen

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedIssuerLen(v int)

SetEncodedIssuerLen sets EncodedIssuerLen, Tag 348

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedSecurityDesc

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedSecurityDesc(v string)

SetEncodedSecurityDesc sets EncodedSecurityDesc, Tag 351

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedSecurityDescLen

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedSecurityDescLen(v int)

SetEncodedSecurityDescLen sets EncodedSecurityDescLen, Tag 350

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedText

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedText(v string)

SetEncodedText sets EncodedText, Tag 355

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedTextLen

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetEncodedTextLen(v int)

SetEncodedTextLen sets EncodedTextLen, Tag 354

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetExecID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetExecID(v string)

SetExecID sets ExecID, Tag 17

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetExecType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetExecType(v enum.ExecType)

SetExecType sets ExecType, Tag 150

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetFactor

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetFactor(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetFactor sets Factor, Tag 228

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetInstrRegistry

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetInstrRegistry(v enum.InstrRegistry)

SetInstrRegistry sets InstrRegistry, Tag 543

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetInterestAccrualDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetInterestAccrualDate(v string)

SetInterestAccrualDate sets InterestAccrualDate, Tag 874

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetIssueDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetIssueDate(v string)

SetIssueDate sets IssueDate, Tag 225

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetIssuer

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetIssuer(v string)

SetIssuer sets Issuer, Tag 106

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetLocaleOfIssue

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetLocaleOfIssue(v string)

SetLocaleOfIssue sets LocaleOfIssue, Tag 472

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetMaturityDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetMaturityDate(v string)

SetMaturityDate sets MaturityDate, Tag 541

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetMaturityMonthYear

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetMaturityMonthYear(v string)

SetMaturityMonthYear sets MaturityMonthYear, Tag 200

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetNoAllocs

SetNoAllocs sets NoAllocs, Tag 78

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetNoEvents

SetNoEvents sets NoEvents, Tag 864

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetNoLegs

SetNoLegs sets NoLegs, Tag 555

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetNoSecurityAltID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetNoSecurityAltID(f NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup)

SetNoSecurityAltID sets NoSecurityAltID, Tag 454

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetNoTrdRegTimestamps

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetNoTrdRegTimestamps(f NoTrdRegTimestampsRepeatingGroup)

SetNoTrdRegTimestamps sets NoTrdRegTimestamps, Tag 768

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetOptAttribute

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetOptAttribute(v string)

SetOptAttribute sets OptAttribute, Tag 206

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetOrderCapacity

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetOrderCapacity(v enum.OrderCapacity)

SetOrderCapacity sets OrderCapacity, Tag 528

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetOrderRestrictions

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetOrderRestrictions(v enum.OrderRestrictions)

SetOrderRestrictions sets OrderRestrictions, Tag 529

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetPool

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetPool(v string)

SetPool sets Pool, Tag 691

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetPositionEffect

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetPositionEffect(v enum.PositionEffect)

SetPositionEffect sets PositionEffect, Tag 77

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetPreallocMethod

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetPreallocMethod(v enum.PreallocMethod)

SetPreallocMethod sets PreallocMethod, Tag 591

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetProduct

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetProduct(v enum.Product)

SetProduct sets Product, Tag 460

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetRedemptionDate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetRedemptionDate(v string)

SetRedemptionDate sets RedemptionDate, Tag 240

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetRepoCollateralSecurityType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetRepoCollateralSecurityType(v int)

SetRepoCollateralSecurityType sets RepoCollateralSecurityType, Tag 239

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetRepurchaseRate

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetRepurchaseRate(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetRepurchaseRate sets RepurchaseRate, Tag 227

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetRepurchaseTerm

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetRepurchaseTerm(v int)

SetRepurchaseTerm sets RepurchaseTerm, Tag 226

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetResponseDestination

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetResponseDestination(v string)

SetResponseDestination sets ResponseDestination, Tag 726

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetResponseTransportType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetResponseTransportType(v enum.ResponseTransportType)

SetResponseTransportType sets ResponseTransportType, Tag 725

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecondaryExecID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecondaryExecID(v string)

SetSecondaryExecID sets SecondaryExecID, Tag 527

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecondaryTradeReportID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecondaryTradeReportID(v string)

SetSecondaryTradeReportID sets SecondaryTradeReportID, Tag 818

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecondaryTradeReportRefID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecondaryTradeReportRefID(v string)

SetSecondaryTradeReportRefID sets SecondaryTradeReportRefID, Tag 881

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecondaryTrdType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecondaryTrdType(v int)

SetSecondaryTrdType sets SecondaryTrdType, Tag 855

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecurityDesc

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecurityDesc(v string)

SetSecurityDesc sets SecurityDesc, Tag 107

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecurityExchange

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecurityExchange(v string)

SetSecurityExchange sets SecurityExchange, Tag 207

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecurityID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecurityID(v string)

SetSecurityID sets SecurityID, Tag 48

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecurityIDSource

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecurityIDSource(v enum.SecurityIDSource)

SetSecurityIDSource sets SecurityIDSource, Tag 22

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecuritySubType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecuritySubType(v string)

SetSecuritySubType sets SecuritySubType, Tag 762

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecurityType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSecurityType(v enum.SecurityType)

SetSecurityType sets SecurityType, Tag 167

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetStateOrProvinceOfIssue

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetStateOrProvinceOfIssue(v string)

SetStateOrProvinceOfIssue sets StateOrProvinceOfIssue, Tag 471

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetStrikeCurrency

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetStrikeCurrency(v string)

SetStrikeCurrency sets StrikeCurrency, Tag 947

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetStrikePrice

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetStrikePrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetStrikePrice sets StrikePrice, Tag 202

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSubscriptionRequestType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSubscriptionRequestType(v enum.SubscriptionRequestType)

SetSubscriptionRequestType sets SubscriptionRequestType, Tag 263

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSymbol

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSymbol(v string)

SetSymbol sets Symbol, Tag 55

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSymbolSfx

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetSymbolSfx(v enum.SymbolSfx)

SetSymbolSfx sets SymbolSfx, Tag 65

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetText

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetText(v string)

SetText sets Text, Tag 58

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeLinkID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeLinkID(v string)

SetTradeLinkID sets TradeLinkID, Tag 820

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeReportID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeReportID(v string)

SetTradeReportID sets TradeReportID, Tag 571

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeReportRefID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeReportRefID(v string)

SetTradeReportRefID sets TradeReportRefID, Tag 572

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeReportRejectReason

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeReportRejectReason(v enum.TradeReportRejectReason)

SetTradeReportRejectReason sets TradeReportRejectReason, Tag 751

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeReportTransType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeReportTransType(v enum.TradeReportTransType)

SetTradeReportTransType sets TradeReportTransType, Tag 487

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeReportType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTradeReportType(v enum.TradeReportType)

SetTradeReportType sets TradeReportType, Tag 856

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTransactTime

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTransactTime(v time.Time)

SetTransactTime sets TransactTime, Tag 60

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTransferReason

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTransferReason(v string)

SetTransferReason sets TransferReason, Tag 830

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTrdMatchID

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTrdMatchID(v string)

SetTrdMatchID sets TrdMatchID, Tag 880

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTrdRptStatus

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTrdRptStatus(v enum.TrdRptStatus)

SetTrdRptStatus sets TrdRptStatus, Tag 939

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTrdSubType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTrdSubType(v enum.TrdSubType)

SetTrdSubType sets TrdSubType, Tag 829

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTrdType

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) SetTrdType(v enum.TrdType)

SetTrdType sets TrdType, Tag 828

func (TradeCaptureReportAck) ToMessage

func (m TradeCaptureReportAck) ToMessage() *quickfix.Message

ToMessage returns a quickfix.Message instance

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