Package snapshots provides information and interaction with the snapshot API resource for the Rackspace Block Storage service.



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    func Delete

    func Delete(client *gophercloud.ServiceClient, id string) os.DeleteResult

      Delete will delete the existing Snapshot with the provided ID.

      func List

        List returns Snapshots.


        type CreateOpts

        type CreateOpts struct {
        	// REQUIRED
        	VolumeID string
        	// OPTIONAL
        	Description string
        	// OPTIONAL
        	Force bool
        	// OPTIONAL
        	Name string

          CreateOpts contains options for creating a Snapshot. This object is passed to the snapshots.Create function. For more information about these parameters, see the Snapshot object.

          func (CreateOpts) ToSnapshotCreateMap

          func (opts CreateOpts) ToSnapshotCreateMap() (map[string]interface{}, error)

            ToSnapshotCreateMap assembles a request body based on the contents of a CreateOpts.

            type CreateOptsBuilder

            type CreateOptsBuilder interface {
            	ToSnapshotCreateMap() (map[string]interface{}, error)

              CreateOptsBuilder allows extensions to add additional parameters to the Create request.

              type CreateResult

              type CreateResult struct {

                CreateResult represents the result of a create operation

                func Create

                  Create will create a new Snapshot based on the values in CreateOpts. To extract the Snapshot object from the response, call the Extract method on the CreateResult.

                  func (CreateResult) Extract

                  func (r CreateResult) Extract() (*Snapshot, error)

                    Extract will get the Snapshot object out of the CreateResult object.

                    type GetResult

                    type GetResult struct {

                      GetResult represents the result of a get operation

                      func Get

                      func Get(client *gophercloud.ServiceClient, id string) GetResult

                        Get retrieves the Snapshot with the provided ID. To extract the Snapshot object from the response, call the Extract method on the GetResult.

                        func (GetResult) Extract

                        func (r GetResult) Extract() (*Snapshot, error)

                          Extract will get the Snapshot object out of the GetResult object.

                          type Snapshot

                          type Snapshot struct {
                          	// The timestamp when this snapshot was created.
                          	CreatedAt string `mapstructure:"created_at"`
                          	// The human-readable description for this snapshot.
                          	Description string `mapstructure:"display_description"`
                          	// The human-readable name for this snapshot.
                          	Name string `mapstructure:"display_name"`
                          	// The UUID for this snapshot.
                          	ID string `mapstructure:"id"`
                          	// The random metadata associated with this snapshot. Note: unlike standard
                          	// OpenStack snapshots, this cannot actually be set.
                          	Metadata map[string]string `mapstructure:"metadata"`
                          	// Indicates the current progress of the snapshot's backup procedure.
                          	Progress string `mapstructure:"os-extended-snapshot-attributes:progress"`
                          	// The project ID.
                          	ProjectID string `mapstructure:"os-extended-snapshot-attributes:project_id"`
                          	// The size of the volume which this snapshot backs up.
                          	Size int `mapstructure:"size"`
                          	// The status of the snapshot.
                          	Status Status `mapstructure:"status"`
                          	// The ID of the volume which this snapshot seeks to back up.
                          	VolumeID string `mapstructure:"volume_id"`

                            Snapshot is the Rackspace representation of an external block storage device.

                            func ExtractSnapshots

                            func ExtractSnapshots(page pagination.Page) ([]Snapshot, error)

                              ExtractSnapshots extracts and returns Snapshots. It is used while iterating over a snapshots.List call.

                              func (Snapshot) WaitUntilComplete

                              func (snapshot Snapshot) WaitUntilComplete(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, timeout int) error

                                WaitUntilComplete will continually poll a snapshot until it successfully transitions to a specified state. It will do this for at most the number of seconds specified.

                                func (Snapshot) WaitUntilDeleted

                                func (snapshot Snapshot) WaitUntilDeleted(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, timeout int) error

                                  WaitUntilDeleted will continually poll a snapshot until it has been successfully deleted, i.e. returns a 404 status.

                                  type Status

                                  type Status string

                                    Status is the type used to represent a snapshot's status

                                    const (
                                    	Creating    Status = "CREATING"
                                    	Available   Status = "AVAILABLE"
                                    	Deleting    Status = "DELETING"
                                    	Error       Status = "ERROR"
                                    	DeleteError Status = "ERROR_DELETING"

                                      Constants to use for supported statuses

                                      type UpdateOpts

                                      type UpdateOpts struct {
                                      	Name        string
                                      	Description string

                                        UpdateOpts is the common options struct used in this package's Update operation.

                                        func (UpdateOpts) ToSnapshotUpdateMap

                                        func (opts UpdateOpts) ToSnapshotUpdateMap() (map[string]interface{}, error)

                                          ToSnapshotUpdateMap casts a UpdateOpts struct to a map.

                                          type UpdateOptsBuilder

                                          type UpdateOptsBuilder interface {
                                          	ToSnapshotUpdateMap() (map[string]interface{}, error)

                                            UpdateOptsBuilder is the interface options structs have to satisfy in order to be used in the main Update operation in this package. Since many extensions decorate or modify the common logic, it is useful for them to satisfy a basic interface in order for them to be used.

                                            type UpdateResult

                                            type UpdateResult struct {

                                              UpdateResult represents the result of an update operation

                                              func Update

                                              func Update(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, snapshotID string, opts UpdateOptsBuilder) UpdateResult

                                                Update accepts a UpdateOpts struct and updates an existing snapshot using the values provided.

                                                func (UpdateResult) Extract

                                                func (r UpdateResult) Extract() (*Snapshot, error)

                                                  Extract will get the Snapshot object out of the UpdateResult object.