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func AddIdleNodeRPC added in v1.0.9

func AddIdleNodeRPC(node string, nodes []string) error

func AddNodeRPC

func AddNodeRPC(node string, nodes []string) error


func BackupCancelRPC

func BackupCancelRPC(self string) (*model.BackupRPCResponse, error)

func ChangeUserPasswordRPC

func ChangeUserPasswordRPC(node string, user string, host string, passwd string) (*model.MysqlUserRPCResponse, error)

func CreateNormalUserRPC

func CreateNormalUserRPC(node string, user string, host string, passwd string, ssl string) (*model.MysqlUserRPCResponse, error)

func CreateSuperUserRPC

func CreateSuperUserRPC(node string, user string, host string, passwd string, ssl string) (*model.MysqlUserRPCResponse, error)

func CreateUserWithPrivRPC

func CreateUserWithPrivRPC(node, user, passwd, database, table, host, privs string, ssl string) (*model.MysqlUserRPCResponse, error)

func DisableRaftRPC

func DisableRaftRPC(node string) (*model.HARPCResponse, error)

func DoApplyLogRPC

func DoApplyLogRPC(node string, backupdir string) error

func DropUserRPC

func DropUserRPC(node string, user string, host string) (*model.MysqlUserRPCResponse, error)

func EnableRaftRPC

func EnableRaftRPC(node string) (*model.HARPCResponse, error)

func FindBestoneForBackup

func FindBestoneForBackup(self string) (string, error)

func GTIDFilter

func GTIDFilter(in string) string

func GetClient

func GetClient(conn string) (*xrpc.Client, func(), error)

xrpc client

func GetClusterLeader

func GetClusterLeader(self string) (string, error)


func GetGTIDRPC(node string) (*model.MysqlStatusRPCResponse, error)

func GetGTIDSubtractRPC added in v1.1.4

func GetGTIDSubtractRPC(node string, subsetGTID string, setGTID string) (*model.MysqlGTIDSubtractRPCResponse, error)

func GetMysqlStatusRPC

func GetMysqlStatusRPC(node string) (*model.MysqlStatusRPCResponse, error)

func GetMysqlUserRPC

func GetMysqlUserRPC(node string) (*model.MysqlUserRPCResponse, error)

GetMysqlUserRPC get mysql user

func GetMysqldStatusRPC

func GetMysqldStatusRPC(node string) (*model.MysqldStatusRPCResponse, error)

func GetNodes

func GetNodes(endpoint string) ([]string, error)

func GetNodesRPC

func GetNodesRPC(node string) (*model.NodeRPCResponse, error)

func GetRaftState

func GetRaftState(endpoint string) (string, []string, error)

func GetRaftStatusRPC

func GetRaftStatusRPC(node string) (*model.RaftStatusRPCResponse, error)

func GetXtrabackupGTIDPurged

func GetXtrabackupGTIDPurged(node string, backuppath string) (string, error)

func IsNodeIdleOrInvalid added in v1.0.7

func IsNodeIdleOrInvalid(node string) (bool, error)

func KillMysqldRPC

func KillMysqldRPC(node string) error

func MysqlIsWorkingRPC

func MysqlIsWorkingRPC(node string) (bool, error)

func MysqlResetMasterRPC

func MysqlResetMasterRPC(node string) (*model.MysqlRPCResponse, error)

func MysqlResetSlaveAllRPC

func MysqlResetSlaveAllRPC(node string) (*model.MysqlRPCResponse, error)

func MysqlStartSlaveRPC

func MysqlStartSlaveRPC(node string) (*model.MysqlRPCResponse, error)

func MysqlStopSlaveRPC

func MysqlStopSlaveRPC(node string) (*model.MysqlRPCResponse, error)

func MysqldIsRunningRPC

func MysqldIsRunningRPC(node string) (bool, error)

func PrintQueryOutput

func PrintQueryOutput(cols []string, allRows [][]string)

func RaftDisableCheckSemiSyncRPC added in v1.0.9

func RaftDisableCheckSemiSyncRPC(node string) error

func RaftDisablePurgeBinlogRPC

func RaftDisablePurgeBinlogRPC(node string) error

func RaftEnableCheckSemiSyncRPC added in v1.0.9

func RaftEnableCheckSemiSyncRPC(node string) error

func RaftEnablePurgeBinlogRPC

func RaftEnablePurgeBinlogRPC(node string) error

func RemoveIdleNodeRPC added in v1.0.9

func RemoveIdleNodeRPC(node string, nodes []string) error

func RemoveNodeRPC

func RemoveNodeRPC(node string, nodes []string) error

func RequestBackupRPC

func RequestBackupRPC(fromnode string, conf *config.Config, backupdir string) (*model.BackupRPCResponse, error)

func ServerPingRPC

func ServerPingRPC(node string) (*model.ServerRPCResponse, error)


func ServerStatusRPC

func ServerStatusRPC(node string) (*model.ServerRPCResponse, error)

func SetGlobalVarRPC

func SetGlobalVarRPC(node string, varsql string) (*model.MysqlVarRPCResponse, error)

func SetLearnerRPC added in v1.0.8

func SetLearnerRPC(node string) (*model.HARPCResponse, error)

func SetMysqlStateRPC added in v1.1.4

func SetMysqlStateRPC(node string, state model.MysqlState) error

func ShutdownMysqldRPC

func ShutdownMysqldRPC(node string) error

func StartMonitorRPC

func StartMonitorRPC(node string) (*model.MysqldRPCResponse, error)

func StartMysqldRPC

func StartMysqldRPC(node string) error

func StopMonitorRPC

func StopMonitorRPC(node string) (*model.MysqldRPCResponse, error)


func TryToLeaderRPC

func TryToLeaderRPC(node string) (*model.HARPCResponse, error)

func WaitMysqlWorkingRPC

func WaitMysqlWorkingRPC(node string) error


func WaitMysqldRunningRPC

func WaitMysqldRunningRPC(node string) error

func WaitMysqldShutdownRPC

func WaitMysqldShutdownRPC(node string) error


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