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type Beat

type Beat struct {
	Name    string
	Version string
	Config  *BeatConfig
	BT      Beater
	Events  publisher.Client

Basic beat information

func NewBeat

func NewBeat(name string, version string, bt Beater) *Beat

Initiates a new beat object

func (*Beat) CommandLineSetup

func (beat *Beat) CommandLineSetup()

Reads and parses the default command line params To set additional cmd line args use the beat.CmdLine type before calling the function

func (*Beat) LoadConfig

func (b *Beat) LoadConfig()

LoadConfig inits the config file and reads the default config information into Beat.Config. It exists the processes in case of errors.

func (*Beat) Run

func (b *Beat) Run()

Run calls the beater Setup and Run methods. In case of errors during the setup phase, it exits the process.

func (*Beat) Stop

func (beat *Beat) Stop()

Stop calls the beater Stop action.

type BeatConfig

type BeatConfig struct {
	Output  map[string]outputs.MothershipConfig
	Logging logp.Logging
	Shipper publisher.ShipperConfig

Basic configuration of every beat

type Beater

type Beater interface {
	Config(*Beat) error
	Setup(*Beat) error
	Run(*Beat) error
	Cleanup(*Beat) error

Beater interface that every beat must use

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