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Published: Nov 24, 2015 License: BSD-3-Clause, Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 0


h2. General Description

p{width:500px}. This is the Go implementation of the "Maxmind": GeoIP API. It is incomplete and work in progress the initial goal is support only two of the database types - the City Lite and Country Lite. The only supported method is loading the full db on startup into memory (memory cache).

h3. Supported Access Methods

* In Memory (Load(string))

h3. Supported Database Formats

* Country Edition    (dbType=1)
* City Edition REV 0 (dbType=6)
* City Edition REV 1 (dbType=2)

h3. Supported Lookups

* By IP Address (GetLocationByIP(string))
* By IP Number  (GetLocationByIPNum(uint32))

h3. Supported Responses

* CountryCode string (available in all databases)
* CountryName string (available in all databases)
* City string
* Region string
* PostalCode string
* Latitude float32
* Longitude float32

h3. To Do
* Implement better error handling (report the error on load and lookups)
* Better returns, country edition has only code and name (perhaps use interfaces)
* Add test cases and benchmarking
* Add support for more database formats

h3. Build

make (See Makefile for more details)

h3. Example

./example DBFILE IPADDRESS (i.e. ./example GeoIP.dat

h3. Usage

Please see example.go for a complete example of how to use this library.




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func AddrToNum

func AddrToNum(ip string) uint32

Convert ip address to an int representation


type GeoIP

type GeoIP struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

These are some structs

func Load

func Load(filename string) (gi *GeoIP, err error)

Load the database file in memory, detect the db format and setup the GeoIP struct

func (*GeoIP) GetLocationByIP

func (gi *GeoIP) GetLocationByIP(ip string) *Location

Lookup by IP address and return location

func (*GeoIP) GetLocationByIPNum

func (gi *GeoIP) GetLocationByIPNum(ipNum uint32) *Location

Lookup by IP number and return location

type Location

type Location struct {
	CountryCode string // If country ed. only country info is filled
	CountryName string // If country ed. only country info is filled
	Region      string
	City        string
	PostalCode  string
	Latitude    float32
	Longitude   float32


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