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Published: Nov 24, 2015 License: BSD-3-Clause, Apache-2.0 Imports: 5 Imported by: 0



Package pcapgo provides some native PCAP support, not requiring C libpcap to be installed.



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type Writer

type Writer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Writer wraps an underlying io.Writer to write packet data in PCAP format. See http://wiki.wireshark.org/Development/LibpcapFileFormat for information on the file format.

For those that care, we currently write v2.4 files with nanosecond timestamp resolution and little-endian encoding.

func NewWriter

func NewWriter(w io.Writer) *Writer

NewWriter returns a new writer object, for writing packet data out to the given writer. If this is a new empty writer (as opposed to an append), you must call WriteFileHeader before WritePacket.

// Write a new file:
f, _ := os.Create("/tmp/file.pcap")
w := pcapgo.NewWriter(f)
w.WriteFileHeader(65536, layers.LinkTypeEthernet)  // new file, must do this.
w.WritePacket(gopacket.CaptureInfo{...}, data1)
// Append to existing file (must have same snaplen and linktype)
f2, _ := os.OpenFile("/tmp/file.pcap", os.O_APPEND, 0700)
w2 := pcapgo.NewWriter(f2)
// no need for file header, it's already written.
w2.WritePacket(gopacket.CaptureInfo{...}, data2)

func (*Writer) WriteFileHeader

func (w *Writer) WriteFileHeader(snaplen uint32, linktype layers.LinkType) error

WriteFileHeader writes a file header out to the writer. This must be called exactly once per output.

func (*Writer) WritePacket

func (w *Writer) WritePacket(ci gopacket.CaptureInfo, data []byte) error

WritePacket writes the given packet data out to the file.

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