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Copyright 2018 the u-root Authors. All rights reserved Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file. Package vector implements persistent vector.



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type Iterator

type Iterator interface {
	// Elem returns the element at the current position.
	Elem() interface{}
	// HasElem returns whether the iterator is pointing to an element.
	HasElem() bool
	// Next moves the iterator to the next position.

Iterator is an iterator over vector elements. It can be used like this:

for it := v.Iterator(); it.HasElem(); it.Next() {
    elem := it.Elem()
    // do something with elem...

type Vector

type Vector interface {
	// Len returns the length of the vector.
	Len() int
	// Index returns the i-th element of the vector, if it exists. The second
	// return value indicates whether the element exists.
	Index(i int) (interface{}, bool)
	// Assoc returns an almost identical Vector, with the i-th element
	// replaced. If the index is smaller than 0 or greater than the length of
	// the vector, it returns nil. If the index is equal to the size of the
	// vector, it is equivalent to Cons.
	Assoc(i int, val interface{}) Vector
	// Cons returns an almost identical Vector, with an additional element
	// appended to the end.
	Cons(val interface{}) Vector
	// Pop returns an almost identical Vector, with the last element removed. It
	// returns nil if the vector is already empty.
	Pop() Vector
	// SubVector returns a subvector containing the elements from i up to but
	// not including j.
	SubVector(i, j int) Vector
	// Iterator returns an iterator over the vector.
	Iterator() Iterator

Vectors from elvish. I'm not convinced a lot of the claims were correct so I stripped the comment. I'm not sure how much of what this does we need, e.g. SubVector, but we'll see.

var Empty Vector = &vector{}

Empty is an empty Vector.

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