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Published: Aug 25, 2021 License: Apache-2.0


Service Catalog and Service Broker Tests


This folder contains the tests which check if a given service broker integrates with the Service Catalog. Each of these tests checks if the Cluster service classes contain all services exposed by the broker.


This section explains how to add a test for another broker and how to run a Service Catalog test on a local machine.

To test your changes and build an image, use the make build-image command with DOCKER_PUSH_REPOSITORY and DOCKER_PUSH_DIRECTORY variables, for example: DOCKER_PUSH_DIRECTORY=/kyma-project/develop make build-image
Adding a test for another broker

The test checks if the Service Catalog contains all the necessary service classes. All actions use standard APIs, such as Kubernetes and the Open Service Broker API, for all tests, and only the service broker URL changes.

Running a Service Catalog test on a local machine

Follow these steps to run a Service Catalog test on a local machine:

  1. Run Kyma.
  2. Modify the broker service, using the kubectl edit command:
  • add name: http to the port section
  1. Create an Ingress to expose the service broker. For example:
kind: Ingress
 annotations: istio
 generation: 1
 name: helm-broker-ing
 namespace: kyma-system
 - host: helm-broker.kyma
     - backend:
         serviceName: helm-broker
         servicePort: 80
       path: /.*
   - secretName: istio-ingress-certs
  1. Update the /etc/hosts file with a given host value. For example: helm-broker.kyma 5. Create files that look like Secrets:


You can copy the content of the file in any Pod. For example:

kc exec -it helm-broker-6cd7cc8697-c8wks -n kyma-system -- cat /var/run/secrets/
  1. Create a secret local file:
  kc describe serviceaccount service-catalog-controller-manager -n kyma-system

It gives you an output which looks like this:

Name:         service-catalog-controller-manager
Namespace:    kyma-system
Labels:       <none>
Annotations:  <none>
Image pull secrets:  <none>
Mountable secrets:   service-catalog-controller-manager-token-jd98k
Tokens:              service-catalog-controller-manager-token-jd98k
Events:  <none>

Get the token value:

kc describe secret service-catalog-controller-manager-token-jd98k -n kyma-system

Rewrite the token value to the /var/run/secrets/ file.


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