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config Build Status

Configuration entry point for both RAI and CarML




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const (
	DefaultAppDescription = ""

DefaultAppDescription ...


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var (
	DefaultAppName   = "rai"
	DefaultAppSecret string
	DefaultAppColor  = !color.NoColor
	IsDebug          bool
	IsVerbose        bool

	App = &appConfig{
		Name:        DefaultAppName,
		Description: DefaultAppDescription,
		Version: VersionInfo{
			Version:    "0.2.0",
			BuildDate:  time.Now().String(),
			GitCommit:  "-dirty-",
			GitBranch:  "-dirty-",
			GitState:   "-dirty-",
			GitSummary: "-dirty-",
		done: make(chan struct{}),

DefaultAppName ...


func AfterInit

func AfterInit(f func())

AfterInit ...

func BeforeInit

func BeforeInit(f func())

BeforeInit ...

func Debug

func Debug()

Debug ...

func Init

func Init(opts ...Option)

Init ...

func IsValidRemotePrefix

func IsValidRemotePrefix(s string) bool

func OnInit

func OnInit(f func())

OnInit ...

func Register

func Register(mod ConfigInterface)

Register ...

func SetAppSecret

func SetAppSecret(s string)

SetAppSecret ...


type ConfigInterface

type ConfigInterface interface {
	ConfigName() string
	String() string

ConfigInterface ...

type Option

type Option func(*Options)

Option ...

func AppName

func AppName(s string) Option

AppName ...

func AppSecret

func AppSecret(s string) Option

AppSecret ...

func ColorMode

func ColorMode(b bool) Option

ColorMode ...

func ConfigEnvironName

func ConfigEnvironName(s string) Option

ConfigEnvironName ...

func ConfigFileAbsolutePath

func ConfigFileAbsolutePath(s string) Option

ConfigFileAbsolutePath ...

func ConfigFileBaseName

func ConfigFileBaseName(s string) Option

ConfigFileBaseName ...

func ConfigFileType

func ConfigFileType(s string) Option

ConfigFileType ...

func ConfigRemotePath

func ConfigRemotePath(s string) Option

ConfigRemotePath ...

func ConfigSearchPaths

func ConfigSearchPaths(s []string) Option

ConfigSearchPaths ...

func ConfigString

func ConfigString(s string) Option

ConfigString ...

func DebugMode

func DebugMode(b bool) Option

DebugMode ...

func VerboseMode

func VerboseMode(b bool) Option

VerboseMode ...

type Options

type Options struct {
	AppName                string
	AppSecret              string
	ConfigSearchPaths      []string
	ConfigEnvironName      string
	ConfigFileBaseName     string
	ConfigFileType         string
	ConfigFileAbsolutePath string
	ConfigString           *string
	ConfigRemotePath       string
	IsVerbose              bool
	IsDebug                bool

Options ...

func NewOptions

func NewOptions() *Options

NewOptions ...

type VersionInfo

type VersionInfo struct {
	// Version is populated at compile time by govvv from ./VERSION
	Version string
	// GitCommit is populated at compile time by govvv.
	BuildDate string
	// GitState is populated at compile time by govvv.
	GitCommit  string
	GitBranch  string
	GitState   string
	GitSummary string

VersionInfo ...

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