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func New

func New(opts ...Option) *dlframework.Feature


type Option

type Option func(o *dlframework.Feature)

func AppendMetadata

func AppendMetadata(k string, v interface{}) Option

func Audio

func Audio(e *dlframework.Audio) Option

func AudioType

func AudioType() Option

func BoundingBox

func BoundingBox(e *dlframework.BoundingBox) Option

func BoundingBoxIndex

func BoundingBoxIndex(index int32) Option

func BoundingBoxLabel

func BoundingBoxLabel(label string) Option

func BoundingBoxType

func BoundingBoxType() Option

func BoundingBoxXmax

func BoundingBoxXmax(xmax float32) Option

func BoundingBoxXmin

func BoundingBoxXmin(xmin float32) Option

func BoundingBoxYmax

func BoundingBoxYmax(ymax float32) Option

func BoundingBoxYmin

func BoundingBoxYmin(ymin float32) Option

func Classification

func Classification(e *dlframework.Classification) Option

func ClassificationIndex

func ClassificationIndex(index int32) Option

func ClassificationLabel

func ClassificationLabel(label string) Option

func ClassificationType

func ClassificationType() Option

func GeoLocation

func GeoLocation(e *dlframework.GeoLocation) Option

func GeoLocationType

func GeoLocationType() Option

func ID

func ID(e string) Option

func Image

func Image(e *dlframework.Image) Option

func ImageData

func ImageData(data []byte) Option

func ImageID

func ImageID(id string) Option

func ImageType

func ImageType() Option

func InstanceSegment

func InstanceSegment(e *dlframework.InstanceSegment) Option

func InstanceSegmentFloatMask

func InstanceSegmentFloatMask(mask []float32) Option

func InstanceSegmentHeight

func InstanceSegmentHeight(height int32) Option

func InstanceSegmentIndex

func InstanceSegmentIndex(index int32) Option

func InstanceSegmentIntMask

func InstanceSegmentIntMask(mask []int32) Option

func InstanceSegmentLabel

func InstanceSegmentLabel(label string) Option

func InstanceSegmentMaskType

func InstanceSegmentMaskType(masktype string) Option

func InstanceSegmentType

func InstanceSegmentType() Option

func InstanceSegmentWidth

func InstanceSegmentWidth(width int32) Option

func InstanceSegmentXmax

func InstanceSegmentXmax(xmax float32) Option

func InstanceSegmentXmin

func InstanceSegmentXmin(xmin float32) Option

func InstanceSegmentYmax

func InstanceSegmentYmax(ymax float32) Option

func InstanceSegmentYmin

func InstanceSegmentYmin(ymin float32) Option

func Metadata

func Metadata(e map[string]string) Option

func Probability

func Probability(e float32) Option

func Raw

func Raw(e *dlframework.Raw) Option

func RawImage

func RawImage(e *dlframework.RawImage) Option

func RawImageChannels

func RawImageChannels(channels int) Option

func RawImageData

func RawImageData(data interface{}) Option

func RawImageFloat32Data

func RawImageFloat32Data(data []float32) Option

func RawImageHeight

func RawImageHeight(height int) Option

func RawImageID

func RawImageID(id string) Option

func RawImageInt32Data

func RawImageInt32Data(data []int32) Option

func RawImageInt8Data

func RawImageInt8Data(data []int8) Option

func RawImageType

func RawImageType() Option

func RawImageUInt8Data

func RawImageUInt8Data(data []uint8) Option

func RawImageWidth

func RawImageWidth(width int) Option

func RawType

func RawType() Option

func Region

func Region(e *dlframework.Region) Option

func RegionType

func RegionType() Option

func SemanticSegment

func SemanticSegment(e *dlframework.SemanticSegment) Option

func SemanticSegmentHeight

func SemanticSegmentHeight(height int32) Option

func SemanticSegmentIntMask

func SemanticSegmentIntMask(mask []int32) Option

func SemanticSegmentType

func SemanticSegmentType() Option

func SemanticSegmentWidth

func SemanticSegmentWidth(width int32) Option

func Text

func Text(e *dlframework.Text) Option

func TextType

func TextType() Option

func Type

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