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type ChatInstanceFlag

type ChatInstanceFlag uint64
const (
	Clan     ChatInstanceFlag = 0x100000 >> 1
	Lobby    ChatInstanceFlag = 0x100000 >> 2
	MMSLobby ChatInstanceFlag = 0x100000 >> 3

type SteamId

type SteamId uint64

func NewId

func NewId(id string) (SteamId, error)

func NewIdAdv

func NewIdAdv(accountId, instance uint32, universe int32, accountType int32) SteamId

func (SteamId) ChatToClan

func (s SteamId) ChatToClan() SteamId

used to fix the Chat SteamId to a Clan SteamId

func (SteamId) ClanToChat

func (s SteamId) ClanToChat() SteamId

used to fix the Clan SteamId to a Chat SteamId

func (SteamId) GetAccountId

func (s SteamId) GetAccountId() uint32

func (SteamId) GetAccountInstance

func (s SteamId) GetAccountInstance() uint32

func (SteamId) GetAccountType

func (s SteamId) GetAccountType() int32

func (SteamId) GetAccountUniverse

func (s SteamId) GetAccountUniverse() int32

func (SteamId) SetAccountId

func (s SteamId) SetAccountId(id uint32) SteamId

func (SteamId) SetAccountInstance

func (s SteamId) SetAccountInstance(value uint32) SteamId

func (SteamId) SetAccountType

func (s SteamId) SetAccountType(t int32) SteamId

func (SteamId) SetAccountUniverse

func (s SteamId) SetAccountUniverse(universe int32) SteamId

func (SteamId) String

func (s SteamId) String() string

func (SteamId) ToString

func (s SteamId) ToString() string

func (SteamId) ToUint64

func (s SteamId) ToUint64() uint64

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