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func MakeTransport

func MakeTransport(config *KubeletClientConfig) (http.RoundTripper, error)


type ConnectionInfo

type ConnectionInfo struct {
	Scheme    string
	Hostname  string
	Port      string
	Transport http.RoundTripper

ConnectionInfo provides the information needed to connect to a kubelet

type ConnectionInfoGetter

type ConnectionInfoGetter interface {
	GetConnectionInfo(nodeName types.NodeName) (*ConnectionInfo, error)

ConnectionInfoGetter provides ConnectionInfo for the kubelet running on a named node

func NewNodeConnectionInfoGetter

func NewNodeConnectionInfoGetter(nodes NodeGetter, config KubeletClientConfig) (ConnectionInfoGetter, error)

type KubeletClientConfig

type KubeletClientConfig struct {
	// Default port - used if no information about Kubelet port can be found in Node.NodeStatus.DaemonEndpoints.
	Port         uint
	ReadOnlyPort uint
	EnableHttps  bool

	// PreferredAddressTypes - used to select an address from Node.NodeStatus.Addresses
	PreferredAddressTypes []string

	// TLSClientConfig contains settings to enable transport layer security

	// Server requires Bearer authentication
	BearerToken string

	// HTTPTimeout is used by the client to timeout http requests to Kubelet.
	HTTPTimeout time.Duration

	// Dial is a custom dialer used for the client
	Dial utilnet.DialFunc

type NodeConnectionInfoGetter

type NodeConnectionInfoGetter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NodeConnectionInfoGetter obtains connection info from the status of a Node API object

func (*NodeConnectionInfoGetter) GetConnectionInfo

func (k *NodeConnectionInfoGetter) GetConnectionInfo(nodeName types.NodeName) (*ConnectionInfo, error)

type NodeGetter

type NodeGetter interface {
	Get(name string, options metav1.GetOptions) (*v1.Node, error)

NodeGetter defines an interface for looking up a node by name

type NodeGetterFunc

type NodeGetterFunc func(name string, options metav1.GetOptions) (*v1.Node, error)

NodeGetterFunc allows implementing NodeGetter with a function

func (NodeGetterFunc) Get

func (f NodeGetterFunc) Get(name string, options metav1.GetOptions) (*v1.Node, error)

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