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const (
	// RoutePath is the path to route image in etcd
	RoutePath string = "/routes"


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type Etcd

type Etcd struct {

Etcd implements route.Registry backed by etcd.

func New

func New(helper tools.EtcdHelper) *Etcd

New creates an etcd registry.

func (*Etcd) CreateRoute

func (registry *Etcd) CreateRoute(ctx kapi.Context, route *api.Route) error

CreateRoute creates a new Route.

func (*Etcd) DeleteRoute

func (registry *Etcd) DeleteRoute(ctx kapi.Context, routeID string) error

DeleteRoute deletes a Route specified by its ID.

func (*Etcd) GetRoute

func (registry *Etcd) GetRoute(ctx kapi.Context, routeID string) (*api.Route, error)

GetRoute gets a specific Route specified by its ID.

func (*Etcd) ListRoutes

func (registry *Etcd) ListRoutes(ctx kapi.Context, selector labels.Selector) (*api.RouteList, error)

ListRoutes obtains a list of Routes.

func (*Etcd) UpdateRoute

func (registry *Etcd) UpdateRoute(ctx kapi.Context, route *api.Route) error

UpdateRoute replaces an existing Route.

func (*Etcd) WatchRoutes

func (registry *Etcd) WatchRoutes(ctx kapi.Context, label labels.Selector, field fields.Selector, resourceVersion string) (watch.Interface, error)

WatchRoutes begins watching for new, changed, or deleted route configurations.

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