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func GetGitCommandEnvAndURL

func GetGitCommandEnvAndURL(repo, username, password string, sshPrivateKey string) (string, []string, error)

GetGitCommandEnvAndURL returns URL and env options for git operation

func IsSSHURL added in v0.4.0

func IsSSHURL(url string) bool

IsSSHURL returns true if supplied URL is SSH URL

func NormalizeGitURL

func NormalizeGitURL(repo string) string

NormalizeGitURL normalizes a git URL for lookup and storage

func TestRepo

func TestRepo(repo, username, password string, sshPrivateKey string) error

TestRepo tests if a repo exists and is accessible with the given credentials


type Client

type Client interface {
	Root() string
	Init() error
	Fetch() error
	Checkout(revision string) error
	LsRemote(revision string) (string, error)
	LsFiles(path string) ([]string, error)
	CommitSHA() (string, error)
	Reset() error

Client is a generic git client interface

type ClientFactory added in v0.4.0

type ClientFactory interface {
	NewClient(repoURL, path, username, password, sshPrivateKey string) Client

ClientFactory is a factory of Git Clients Primarily used to support creation of mock git clients during unit testing

func NewFactory added in v0.4.0

func NewFactory() ClientFactory

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