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var Timestamper = time.Now

Timestamper is a function capable of producing a timestamp.Timestamper.

By default, this is a time.Time function from the Helm time package. This can be overridden for testing though, so that timestamps are predictable.


func CheckDependencies

func CheckDependencies(ch *chart.Chart, reqs []*chart.Dependency) error

CheckDependencies checks the dependencies for a chart. by wrapping action.CheckDependencies


type Configuration

type Configuration struct {

Configuration is a composite type of Helm's Configuration type

func (*Configuration) SetNamespace

func (c *Configuration) SetNamespace(namespace string)

SetNamespace sets the namespace on the kubeclient

type Install

type Install struct {

	// Config stores the actionconfig so it can be retrieved and used again
	Config *Configuration

Install is a composite type of Helm's Install type

func NewInstall

func NewInstall(cfg *Configuration) *Install

NewInstall creates a new Install object with the given configuration, by wrapping action.NewInstall

func (*Install) Chart

func (i *Install) Chart(args []string) (string, error)

Chart returns the chart that should be used.

This will read the flags and skip args if necessary.

func (*Install) Name

func (i *Install) Name(chart *chart.Chart, args []string) (string, error)

Name returns the name that should be used.

This will read the flags and handle name generation if necessary.

func (*Install) NameAndChart

func (i *Install) NameAndChart(args []string) (string, string, error)

NameAndChart overloads Helm's NameAndChart. It always fails.

On Hypper, we need to read the chart annotations to know the correct release name. Therefore, it cannot happen in this function.

func (*Install) Run

func (i *Install) Run(chrt *chart.Chart, vals map[string]interface{}) (*release.Release, error)

Run executes the installation

If DryRun is set to true, this will prepare the release, but not install it

func (*Install) SetNamespace

func (i *Install) SetNamespace(chart *chart.Chart, defaultns string)

SetNamespace sets the Namespace that should be used in action.Install

This will read the chart annotations. If no annotations, it leave the existing ns in the action.

type List

type List struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

List is a composite type of Helm's List type

func NewList

func NewList(cfg *Configuration) *List

NewList constructs a new *List by embedding action.List

type Status

type Status struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Status is the action for checking the deployment status of releases.

It provides the implementation of 'helm status'.

func NewStatus

func NewStatus(cfg *Configuration) *Status

NewStatus creates a new Status object with the given configuration.

type Uninstall

type Uninstall struct {

Uninstall is a composite type of Helm's Uninstall type

func NewUninstall

func NewUninstall(cfg *Configuration) *Uninstall

NewUninstall creates a new Uninstall by embedding action.Uninstall

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