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type EnvSettings

type EnvSettings struct {

	// we use Helm's for all exported fields

	// KubeConfig is the path to the kubeconfig file
	KubeConfig string
	// KubeContext is the name of the kubeconfig context.
	KubeContext string
	// Bearer KubeToken used for authentication
	KubeToken string
	// Username to impersonate for the operation
	KubeAsUser string
	// Groups to impersonate for the operation, multiple groups parsed from a comma delimited list
	KubeAsGroups []string
	// Kubernetes API Server Endpoint for authentication
	KubeAPIServer string
	// Custom certificate authority file.
	KubeCaFile string
	// Debug indicates whether or not Helm is running in Debug mode.
	Debug bool
	// RegistryConfig is the path to the registry config file.
	RegistryConfig string
	// RepositoryConfig is the path to the repositories file.
	RepositoryConfig string
	// RepositoryCache is the path to the repository cache directory.
	RepositoryCache string
	// PluginsDirectory is the path to the plugins directory.
	PluginsDirectory string
	// MaxHistory is the max release history maintained.
	MaxHistory int

	// hypper specific
	Verbose           bool
	NoColors          bool
	NoEmojis          bool
	NamespaceFromFlag bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EnvSettings is a composite type of helm.pkg.env.EnvSettings. describes all of the environment settings.

func New

func New() *EnvSettings

New is a constructor of EnvSettings

func (*EnvSettings) AddFlags

func (s *EnvSettings) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags binds flags to the given flagset.

func (*EnvSettings) EnvVars

func (s *EnvSettings) EnvVars() map[string]string

EnvVars reads the hypper and helm enviromental variables and populates values in the EnvSettings caller.

func (*EnvSettings) Namespace

func (s *EnvSettings) Namespace() string

Namespace gets the namespace from the configuration or the config flag

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