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const FeatureGateOCI = gates.Gate("HELM_EXPERIMENTAL_OCI")


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func GetLocalPath

func GetLocalPath(repo, chartpath string) (string, error)

GetLocalPath generates absolute local path when use "file://" in repository of dependencies

func HashReq

func HashReq(req, lock []*chart.Dependency) (string, error)

HashReq generates a hash of the dependencies.

This should be used only to compare against another hash generated by this function.

func HashV2Req

func HashV2Req(req []*chart.Dependency) (string, error)

HashV2Req generates a hash of requirements generated in Helm v2.

This should be used only to compare against another hash generated by the Helm v2 hash function. It is to handle issue:


type Resolver

type Resolver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Resolver resolves dependencies from semantic version ranges to a particular version.

func New

func New(chartpath, cachepath string) *Resolver

New creates a new resolver for a given chart and a given helm home.

func (*Resolver) Resolve

func (r *Resolver) Resolve(reqs []*chart.Dependency, repoNames map[string]string) (*chart.Lock, error)

Resolve resolves dependencies and returns a lock file with the resolution.

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