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Package repo implements the Hypper Chart Repository. A chart repository is an HTTP server that provides information on charts. A local repository cache is an on-disk representation of a chart repository. There are two important file formats for chart repositories. The first is the 'index.yaml' format, which is expressed like this:

apiVersion: v1
  - created: 2016-09-29T12:14:34.830161306-06:00
	description: This is a frobnitz.
	digest: 587bd19a9bd9d2bc4a6d25ab91c8c8e7042c47b4ac246e37bf8e1e74386190f4
	- frobnitz
	- sprocket
	- dodad
	- email:
	  name: The Hypper Team
	- email:
	  name: Someone Else
	name: frobnitz
	version: 1.2.3
  - created: 2016-09-29T12:14:34.830507606-06:00
	description: This is a sprocket"
	digest: 8505ff813c39502cc849a38e1e4a8ac24b8e6e1dcea88f4c34ad9b7439685ae6
	- frobnitz
	- sprocket
	- dodad
	- email:
	  name: The Hypper Team
	- email:
	  name: Someone Else
	name: sprocket
	version: 1.2.0
generated: 2016-09-29T12:14:34.829721375-06:00

An index.yaml file contains the necessary descriptive information about what charts are available in a repository, and how to get them. The second file format is the repositories.yaml file format. This file is for facilitating local cached copies of one or more chart repositories. The format of a repository.yaml file is:

apiVersion: v1
generated: TIMESTAMP
  - name: stable
	cache: stable-index.yaml
  - name: incubator
	cache: incubator-index.yaml

This file maps three bits of information about a repository:

  • The name the user uses to refer to it
  • The fully qualified URL to the repository (index.yaml will be appended)
  • The name of the local cachefile



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const APIVersionV1 = "v1"

APIVersionV1 is the v1 API version for index and repository files.


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var (
	// ErrNoAPIVersion indicates that an API version was not specified.
	ErrNoAPIVersion = errors.New("no API version specified")

	// ErrNoChartVersion indicates that a chart with the given version is not found.
	ErrNoChartVersion = errors.New("no chart version found")
	// ErrNoChartName indicates that a chart with the given name is not found.
	ErrNoChartName = errors.New("no chart name found")


This section is empty.


type ChartRepository

type ChartRepository struct {

ChartRepository represents a chart repository

ChartRepository is a composite type of Helm's repo.ChartRepository

func NewChartRepository

func NewChartRepository(cfg *helmRepo.Entry, getters getter.Providers) (*ChartRepository, error)

NewChartRepository constructs ChartRepository

type ChartVersions

type ChartVersions struct {
	ChartVersions []*helmRepo.ChartVersion

ChartVersions is a list of versioned chart references. Implements a sorter on Version.

This is a composition for helms `type ChartVersions []*ChartVersion`

type File

type File struct {

File represents the repositories.yaml file

File is a composite type of helm/pkg/repo.File

func LoadFile

func LoadFile(path string) (*File, error)

LoadFile takes a file at the given path and returns a File object

func NewFile

func NewFile() *File

NewFile generates an empty repositories file.

Generated and APIVersion are automatically set.

type IndexFile

type IndexFile struct {

IndexFile represents the index file in a chart repository

This is a composite type of helm's Indexfile

func IndexDirectory

func IndexDirectory(dir, baseURL string) (*IndexFile, error)

IndexDirectory reads a (flat) directory and generates an index.

It indexes only charts that have been packaged (*.tgz).

The index returned will be in an unsorted state

func LoadIndexFile

func LoadIndexFile(path string) (*IndexFile, error)

LoadIndexFile takes a file at the given path and returns an IndexFile object

func NewIndexFile

func NewIndexFile() *IndexFile

NewIndexFile initializes an index

func (*IndexFile) Merge

func (i *IndexFile) Merge(f *IndexFile)

Merge merges the given index file into this index.

This merges by name and version.

If one of the entries in the given index does _not_ already exist, it is added. In all other cases, the existing record is preserved.

This can leave the index in an unsorted state

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