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var (
	Unauthorized     = ErrorCode{"Unauthorized", 401}
	PermissionDenied = ErrorCode{"PermissionDenied", 403}
	NotFound         = ErrorCode{"NotFound", 404}
	MethodNotAllowed = ErrorCode{"MethodNotAllow", 405}
	Conflict         = ErrorCode{"Conflict", 409}

	InvalidDateFormat  = ErrorCode{"InvalidDateFormat", 422}
	InvalidFormat      = ErrorCode{"InvalidFormat", 422}
	InvalidReference   = ErrorCode{"InvalidReference", 422}
	NotNullable        = ErrorCode{"NotNullable", 422}
	NotUnique          = ErrorCode{"NotUnique", 422}
	MinLimitExceeded   = ErrorCode{"MinLimitExceeded", 422}
	MaxLimitExceeded   = ErrorCode{"MaxLimitExceeded", 422}
	MinLengthExceeded  = ErrorCode{"MinLengthExceeded", 422}
	MaxLengthExceeded  = ErrorCode{"MaxLengthExceeded", 422}
	InvalidOption      = ErrorCode{"InvalidOption", 422}
	InvalidCharacters  = ErrorCode{"InvalidCharacters", 422}
	MissingRequired    = ErrorCode{"MissingRequired", 422}
	InvalidCSRFToken   = ErrorCode{"InvalidCSRFToken", 422}
	InvalidAction      = ErrorCode{"InvalidAction", 422}
	InvalidBodyContent = ErrorCode{"InvalidBodyContent", 422}
	InvalidType        = ErrorCode{"InvalidType", 422}
	ActionNotAvailable = ErrorCode{"ActionNotAvailable", 404}
	InvalidState       = ErrorCode{"InvalidState", 422}

	ServerError        = ErrorCode{"ServerError", 500}
	ClusterUnavailable = ErrorCode{"ClusterUnavailable", 503}


func IsAPIError

func IsAPIError(err error) bool

func IsConflict

func IsConflict(err error) bool

func IsForbidden

func IsForbidden(err error) bool

func IsNotFound

func IsNotFound(err error) bool

func NewAPIError

func NewAPIError(code ErrorCode, message string) error

func NewAPIErrorLong

func NewAPIErrorLong(status int, code, message string) error

func NewFieldAPIError

func NewFieldAPIError(code ErrorCode, fieldName, message string) error

func WrapAPIError

func WrapAPIError(err error, code ErrorCode, message string) error

WrapAPIError will cause the API framework to log the underlying err before returning the APIError as a response. err WILL NOT be in the API response

func WrapFieldAPIError

func WrapFieldAPIError(err error, code ErrorCode, fieldName, message string) error

WrapFieldAPIError will cause the API framework to log the underlying err before returning the APIError as a response. err WILL NOT be in the API response


type APIError

type APIError struct {
	Code      ErrorCode
	Message   string
	Cause     error
	FieldName string

func (*APIError) Error

func (a *APIError) Error() string

type ErrorCode

type ErrorCode struct {
	Code   string
	Status int

func (ErrorCode) String

func (e ErrorCode) String() string


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