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Published: Sep 18, 2018 License: MIT Imports: 16 Imported by: 0


trello-lambda - A serverless app to create Trello cards

This serverless function is designed to create a new Trello Cards each time it gets invoked.


├── test            
│   └── event.json      <-- Sample event to test using SAM local
├── .gitignore          <-- Ignoring the things you do not want in git
├── function.go         <-- Test main function code
├── LICENSE             <-- The license file
├── main.go             <-- The Flogo Lambda trigger code
├── Makefile            <-- Makefile to build and deploy
├──           <-- This file
└── template.yaml       <-- SAM Template


There are a few ways to install this project

Get the sources

You can get the sources for this project by simply running

$ go get -u

Deploy the Lambda app by running

$ make deploy


AWS Systems Manager parameters

The code will automatically retrieve the below list of parameters from the AWS Systems Manager Parameter store:

  • /trello/appkey: Your Trello App token
  • /trello/apptoken: Your Trello App key
  • /trello/list: The ID of the list you want to send the card to

Details on how to get the appkey and apptoken for Trello can be found in the Trello API documentation

Deployment parameters

In the template.yaml there are certain deployment parameters:

  • region: The AWS region in which the code is deployed

Make targets

trello-lambda has a Makefile that can be used for most of the operations

usage: make [target]
  • deps: Gets all dependencies for this app
  • clean : Removes the dist directory
  • build: Builds an executable to be deployed to AWS Lambda
  • test-lambda: Clean, builds and tests the code by using the AWS SAM CLI
  • deploy: Cleans, builds and deploys the code to AWS Lambda



Package main is the main executable of the serverless function. It will create a new Trello card for each invocation of this service. To do so it requires access to Trello using an appkey and an apptoken. Details on how to get thosr can be found in the [Trello API documentation](

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