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type Config

type Config struct {
	common.PackerConfig `mapstructure:",squash"`

	// The timeout for waiting for the machine to restart
	RestartTimeout time.Duration `mapstructure:"restart_timeout"`

	// Instructs the communicator to run the remote script as a
	// Windows scheduled task, effectively elevating the remote
	// user by impersonating a logged-in user.
	Username string `mapstructure:"username"`
	Password string `mapstructure:"password"`

	// The updates search criteria.
	// See the IUpdateSearcher::Search method at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/wuapi/nf-wuapi-iupdatesearcher-search.
	SearchCriteria string `mapstructure:"search_criteria"`

	// Filters the installed Windows updates. If no filter is
	// matched the update is NOT installed.
	Filters []string `mapstructure:"filters"`

	// Adds a limit to how many updates are installed at a time
	UpdateLimit int `mapstructure:"update_limit"`

	// Max times the provisioner will try install the updates
	// in case of failure.
	UpdateMaxRetries int `mapstructure:"update_max_retries"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Config) FlatMapstructure added in v0.12.0

func (*Config) FlatMapstructure() interface{ HCL2Spec() map[string]hcldec.Spec }

FlatMapstructure returns a new FlatConfig. FlatConfig is an auto-generated flat version of Config. Where the contents a fields with a `mapstructure:,squash` tag are bubbled up.

type FlatConfig added in v0.12.0

type FlatConfig struct {
	PackerBuildName     *string           `mapstructure:"packer_build_name" cty:"packer_build_name" hcl:"packer_build_name"`
	PackerBuilderType   *string           `mapstructure:"packer_builder_type" cty:"packer_builder_type" hcl:"packer_builder_type"`
	PackerCoreVersion   *string           `mapstructure:"packer_core_version" cty:"packer_core_version" hcl:"packer_core_version"`
	PackerDebug         *bool             `mapstructure:"packer_debug" cty:"packer_debug" hcl:"packer_debug"`
	PackerForce         *bool             `mapstructure:"packer_force" cty:"packer_force" hcl:"packer_force"`
	PackerOnError       *string           `mapstructure:"packer_on_error" cty:"packer_on_error" hcl:"packer_on_error"`
	PackerUserVars      map[string]string `mapstructure:"packer_user_variables" cty:"packer_user_variables" hcl:"packer_user_variables"`
	PackerSensitiveVars []string          `mapstructure:"packer_sensitive_variables" cty:"packer_sensitive_variables" hcl:"packer_sensitive_variables"`
	RestartTimeout      *string           `mapstructure:"restart_timeout" cty:"restart_timeout" hcl:"restart_timeout"`
	Username            *string           `mapstructure:"username" cty:"username" hcl:"username"`
	Password            *string           `mapstructure:"password" cty:"password" hcl:"password"`
	SearchCriteria      *string           `mapstructure:"search_criteria" cty:"search_criteria" hcl:"search_criteria"`
	Filters             []string          `mapstructure:"filters" cty:"filters" hcl:"filters"`
	UpdateLimit         *int              `mapstructure:"update_limit" cty:"update_limit" hcl:"update_limit"`
	UpdateMaxRetries    *int              `mapstructure:"update_max_retries" cty:"update_max_retries" hcl:"update_max_retries"`

FlatConfig is an auto-generated flat version of Config. Where the contents of a field with a `mapstructure:,squash` tag are bubbled up.

func (*FlatConfig) HCL2Spec added in v0.12.0

func (*FlatConfig) HCL2Spec() map[string]hcldec.Spec

HCL2Spec returns the hcl spec of a Config. This spec is used by HCL to read the fields of Config. The decoded values from this spec will then be applied to a FlatConfig.

type Provisioner

type Provisioner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Provisioner) ConfigSpec added in v0.12.0

func (b *Provisioner) ConfigSpec() hcldec.ObjectSpec

func (*Provisioner) Prepare

func (p *Provisioner) Prepare(raws ...interface{}) error

func (*Provisioner) Provision

func (p *Provisioner) Provision(ctx context.Context, ui packer.Ui, comm packer.Communicator, _ map[string]interface{}) error

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