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Like go get, but it downloads and installs the latest release binary from GitHub instead.

Please download a binary from release page and put it in $PATH or build from source with go get.

$ go get -u github.com/rhysd/go-github-selfupdate/cmd/go-get-release

Usage is quite similar to go get. But {package} must be hosted on GitHub. So it needs to start with github.com/.

$ go-get-release {package}

Please note that this command assumes that specified package is following Git tag naming rules and released binaries naming rules described in README.

For example, following command downloads and installs the released binary of ghr to $GOPATH/bin.

$ go-get-release github.com/tcnksm/ghr
Command was updated to the latest version 0.5.4: /Users/you/.go/bin/ghr

$ ghr -version
ghr version v0.5.4 (a12ff1c)


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