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Package riverpgxv5 provides a River driver implementation for Pgx v5.

This is currently the only supported driver for River and will therefore be used by all projects using River, but the code is organized this way so that other database packages can be supported in future River versions.



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type Driver

type Driver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Driver is an implementation of riverdriver.Driver for Pgx v5.

func New

func New(dbPool *pgxpool.Pool) *Driver

New returns a new Pgx v5 River driver for use with River.

It takes a pgxpool.Pool to use for use with River. The pool should already be configured to use the schema specified in the client's Schema field. The pool must not be closed while associated River objects are running.

The database pool may be nil. If it is, a client that it's sent into will not be able to start up (calls to Start will error) and the Insert and InsertMany functions will be disabled, but the transactional-variants InsertTx and InsertManyTx continue to function. This behavior may be particularly useful in testing so that inserts can be performed and verified on a test transaction that will be rolled back.

func (*Driver) GetExecutor added in v0.0.13

func (d *Driver) GetExecutor() riverdriver.Executor

func (*Driver) GetListener added in v0.0.23

func (d *Driver) GetListener() riverdriver.Listener

func (*Driver) HasPool added in v0.0.23

func (d *Driver) HasPool() bool

func (*Driver) UnwrapExecutor added in v0.0.13

func (d *Driver) UnwrapExecutor(tx pgx.Tx) riverdriver.ExecutorTx

type Executor added in v0.0.13

type Executor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Executor) Begin added in v0.0.13

func (*Executor) Exec added in v0.0.13

func (e *Executor) Exec(ctx context.Context, sql string) (struct{}, error)

func (*Executor) JobCancel added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobCancel(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobCancelParams) (*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobCountByState added in v0.1.0

func (e *Executor) JobCountByState(ctx context.Context, state rivertype.JobState) (int, error)

func (*Executor) JobDeleteBefore added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobDeleteBefore(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobDeleteBeforeParams) (int, error)

func (*Executor) JobGetAvailable added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobGetAvailable(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobGetAvailableParams) ([]*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobGetByID added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobGetByID(ctx context.Context, id int64) (*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobGetByIDMany added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobGetByIDMany(ctx context.Context, id []int64) ([]*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobGetByKindAndUniqueProperties added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobGetByKindAndUniqueProperties(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobGetByKindAndUniquePropertiesParams) (*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobGetByKindMany added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobGetByKindMany(ctx context.Context, kind []string) ([]*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobGetStuck added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobGetStuck(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobGetStuckParams) ([]*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobInsertFast added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobInsertFast(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobInsertFastParams) (*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobInsertFastMany added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobInsertFastMany(ctx context.Context, params []*riverdriver.JobInsertFastParams) (int64, error)

func (*Executor) JobInsertFull added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobInsertFull(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobInsertFullParams) (*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobList added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobList(ctx context.Context, sql string, namedArgs map[string]any) ([]*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobListFields added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobListFields() string

func (*Executor) JobRescueMany added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobRescueMany(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobRescueManyParams) (*struct{}, error)

func (*Executor) JobRetry added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobRetry(ctx context.Context, id int64) (*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobSchedule added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobSchedule(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobScheduleParams) (int, error)

func (*Executor) JobSetCompleteIfRunningMany added in v0.1.0

func (e *Executor) JobSetCompleteIfRunningMany(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobSetCompleteIfRunningManyParams) ([]*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobSetStateIfRunning added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobSetStateIfRunning(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobSetStateIfRunningParams) (*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) JobUpdate added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) JobUpdate(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.JobUpdateParams) (*rivertype.JobRow, error)

func (*Executor) LeaderAttemptElect added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) LeaderAttemptElect(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.LeaderElectParams) (bool, error)

func (*Executor) LeaderAttemptReelect added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) LeaderAttemptReelect(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.LeaderElectParams) (bool, error)

func (*Executor) LeaderDeleteExpired added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) LeaderDeleteExpired(ctx context.Context, name string) (int, error)

func (*Executor) LeaderGetElectedLeader added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) LeaderGetElectedLeader(ctx context.Context, name string) (*riverdriver.Leader, error)

func (*Executor) LeaderInsert added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) LeaderInsert(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.LeaderInsertParams) (*riverdriver.Leader, error)

func (*Executor) LeaderResign added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) LeaderResign(ctx context.Context, params *riverdriver.LeaderResignParams) (bool, error)

func (*Executor) MigrationDeleteByVersionMany added in v0.0.13

func (e *Executor) MigrationDeleteByVersionMany(ctx context.Context, versions []int) ([]*riverdriver.Migration, error)

func (*Executor) MigrationGetAll added in v0.0.13

func (e *Executor) MigrationGetAll(ctx context.Context) ([]*riverdriver.Migration, error)

func (*Executor) MigrationInsertMany added in v0.0.13

func (e *Executor) MigrationInsertMany(ctx context.Context, versions []int) ([]*riverdriver.Migration, error)

func (*Executor) Notify added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) Notify(ctx context.Context, topic string, payload string) error

func (*Executor) PGAdvisoryXactLock added in v0.0.23

func (e *Executor) PGAdvisoryXactLock(ctx context.Context, key int64) (*struct{}, error)

func (*Executor) TableExists added in v0.0.13

func (e *Executor) TableExists(ctx context.Context, tableName string) (bool, error)

type ExecutorTx added in v0.0.13

type ExecutorTx struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ExecutorTx) Commit added in v0.0.13

func (t *ExecutorTx) Commit(ctx context.Context) error

func (*ExecutorTx) Rollback added in v0.0.13

func (t *ExecutorTx) Rollback(ctx context.Context) error

type Listener added in v0.0.23

type Listener struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Listener) Close added in v0.0.23

func (l *Listener) Close(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Listener) Connect added in v0.0.23

func (l *Listener) Connect(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Listener) Listen added in v0.0.23

func (l *Listener) Listen(ctx context.Context, topic string) error

func (*Listener) Ping added in v0.0.23

func (l *Listener) Ping(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Listener) Unlisten added in v0.0.23

func (l *Listener) Unlisten(ctx context.Context, topic string) error

func (*Listener) WaitForNotification added in v0.0.23

func (l *Listener) WaitForNotification(ctx context.Context) (*riverdriver.Notification, error)


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