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type System

type System struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

System exposes methods for retrieval of system data

func NewSystem

func NewSystem(cl client.Client) *System

NewSystem creates a new System struct

func (*System) Chain

func (c *System) Chain() (types.Text, error)

Chain retrieves the chain

func (*System) Health

func (c *System) Health() (types.Health, error)

Health retrieves the health status of the connected node

func (*System) Name

func (c *System) Name() (types.Text, error)

Name retrieves the node name

func (*System) NetworkState

func (c *System) NetworkState() (types.NetworkState, error)

NetworkState retrieves the current state of the network

func (*System) Peers

func (c *System) Peers() ([]types.PeerInfo, error)

Peers retrieves the currently connected peers

func (*System) Properties

func (c *System) Properties() (types.ChainProperties, error)

Properties retrieves a custom set of properties as a JSON object, defined in the chain spec

func (*System) Version

func (c *System) Version() (types.Text, error)

Version retrieves the version of the node

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