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type Datastore

type Datastore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Datastore uses golang-lru for internal storage.

func NewDatastore

func NewDatastore(capacity int) (*Datastore, error)

NewDatastore constructs a new LRU Datastore with given capacity.

func (*Datastore) Batch added in v0.3.8

func (d *Datastore) Batch() (ds.Batch, error)

func (*Datastore) Close added in v0.3.8

func (d *Datastore) Close() error

func (*Datastore) Delete

func (d *Datastore) Delete(key ds.Key) (err error)

Delete removes the value for given `key`.

func (*Datastore) Get

func (d *Datastore) Get(key ds.Key) (value interface{}, err error)

Get retrieves the object `value` named by `key`.

func (*Datastore) Has

func (d *Datastore) Has(key ds.Key) (exists bool, err error)

Has returns whether the `key` is mapped to a `value`.

func (*Datastore) Put

func (d *Datastore) Put(key ds.Key, value interface{}) (err error)

Put stores the object `value` named by `key`.

func (*Datastore) Query

func (d *Datastore) Query(q dsq.Query) (dsq.Results, error)

KeyList returns a list of keys in the datastore

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