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type MalService

type MalService struct {
	Config config.Config

MalService for all go-malscraper service.

func Default

func Default() *MalService

Default creates new MalService object with default config.

func New

func New(malConfig config.Config) *MalService

New creates new MalService object with user set config.

func (*MalService) AdvSearchAnime

func (m *MalService) AdvSearchAnime(queryObj searchModel.Query) (search.AnimeParser, error)

AdvSearchAnime to advanced search anime.

func (*MalService) AdvSearchManga

func (m *MalService) AdvSearchManga(queryObj searchModel.Query) (search.MangaParser, error)

AdvSearchManga to advanced search manga.

func (*MalService) GetAnime

func (m *MalService) GetAnime(id int) (anime.DetailParser, error)

GetAnime to get anime information.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeCharacter

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeCharacter(id int) (anime.CharacterParser, error)

GetAnimeCharacter to get anime's character list.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeClub added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeClub(id int) (anime.ClubParser, error)

GetAnimeClub to get anime's clubs list.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeEpisode

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeEpisode(id int, page (anime.EpisodeParser, error)

GetAnimeEpisode to get anime's episode list.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeFeatured added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeFeatured(id int) (anime.FeaturedParser, error)

GetAnimeFeatured to get anime's featured list.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeMoreInfo added in v0.4.0

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeMoreInfo(id int) (anime.MoreInfoParser, error)

GetAnimeMoreInfo to get anime's more info.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeNews added in v0.4.0

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeNews(id int) (anime.NewsParser, error)

GetAnimeNews to get anime's news list.

func (*MalService) GetAnimePicture

func (m *MalService) GetAnimePicture(id int) (anime.PictureParser, error)

GetAnimePicture to get anime's picture list.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeRecommendation

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeRecommendation(id int) (anime.RecommendationParser, error)

GetAnimeRecommendation to get anime's recommendation list.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeReview

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeReview(id int, page (anime.ReviewParser, error)

GetAnimeReview to get anime's review list.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeStaff

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeStaff(id int) (anime.StaffParser, error)

GetAnimeStaff to get anime's staff list.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeStats

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeStats(id int, page (anime.StatsParser, error)

GetAnimeStats to get anime's stats information.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeVideo

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeVideo(id int, page (anime.VideoParser, error)

GetAnimeVideo to get anime's video list.

func (*MalService) GetAnimeWithGenre

func (m *MalService) GetAnimeWithGenre(id int, page (genre.AnimeParser, error)

GetAnimeWithGenre to get anime list having specific genre.

func (*MalService) GetCharacter

func (m *MalService) GetCharacter(id int) (character.DetailParser, error)

GetCharacter to get character information.

func (*MalService) GetCharacterClub added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetCharacterClub(id int) (character.ClubParser, error)

GetCharacterClub to get character's club list.

func (*MalService) GetCharacterFeatured added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetCharacterFeatured(id int) (character.FeaturedParser, error)

GetCharacterFeatured to get character's featured list.

func (*MalService) GetCharacterPicture

func (m *MalService) GetCharacterPicture(id int) (character.PictureParser, error)

GetCharacterPicture to get character's picture list.

func (*MalService) GetClub added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetClub(id int) (club.DetailParser, error)

GetClub to get club detail information.

func (*MalService) GetClubMember added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetClubMember(id int, page (club.MemberParser, error)

GetClubMember to get club member list.

func (*MalService) GetClubPicture added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetClubPicture(id int) (club.PictureParser, error)

GetClubPicture to get club picture list.

func (*MalService) GetClubs added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetClubs(pageSort (club.ListParser, error)

GetClubs to get club list.

func (*MalService) GetFeatured added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetFeatured(id int) (featured.DetailParser, error)

GetFeatured to get featured detail information.

func (*MalService) GetFeaturedList added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetFeaturedList(tagPage ...interface{}) (featured.ListParser, error)

GetFeaturedList to get featured list.

func (*MalService) GetFeaturedTag added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetFeaturedTag() (featured.TagParser, error)

GetFeaturedTag to get featured tag list.

func (*MalService) GetGenres

func (m *MalService) GetGenres(gType string) (genre.ListParser, error)

GetGenres to get all anime & manga genres.

func (*MalService) GetMagazine

func (m *MalService) GetMagazine(id int, page (magazine.MangaParser, error)

GetMagazine to get magazine's manga list.

func (*MalService) GetMagazines

func (m *MalService) GetMagazines() (magazine.ListParser, error)

GetMagazines to get all magazines, and serializations.

func (*MalService) GetManga

func (m *MalService) GetManga(id int) (manga.DetailParser, error)

GetManga to get manga information.

func (*MalService) GetMangaCharacter

func (m *MalService) GetMangaCharacter(id int) (manga.CharacterParser, error)

GetMangaCharacter to get manga's character list.

func (*MalService) GetMangaClub added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetMangaClub(id int) (manga.ClubParser, error)

GetMangaClub to get manga's club list.

func (*MalService) GetMangaFeatured added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetMangaFeatured(id int) (manga.FeaturedParser, error)

GetMangaFeatured to get manga's featured list.

func (*MalService) GetMangaMoreInfo added in v0.4.0

func (m *MalService) GetMangaMoreInfo(id int) (manga.MoreInfoParser, error)

GetMangaMoreInfo to get manga's more info.

func (*MalService) GetMangaNews added in v0.4.0

func (m *MalService) GetMangaNews(id int) (manga.NewsParser, error)

GetMangaNews to get manga's news list.

func (*MalService) GetMangaPicture

func (m *MalService) GetMangaPicture(id int) (manga.PictureParser, error)

GetMangaPicture to get manga's picture list.

func (*MalService) GetMangaRecommendation

func (m *MalService) GetMangaRecommendation(id int) (manga.RecommendationParser, error)

GetMangaRecommendation to get manga's recommendation list.

func (*MalService) GetMangaReview

func (m *MalService) GetMangaReview(id int, page (manga.ReviewParser, error)

GetMangaReview to get manga's review list.

func (*MalService) GetMangaStats

func (m *MalService) GetMangaStats(id int, page (manga.StatsParser, error)

GetMangaStats to get manga's stats information.

func (*MalService) GetMangaWithGenre

func (m *MalService) GetMangaWithGenre(id int, page (genre.MangaParser, error)

GetMangaWithGenre to get manga list having specific genre.

func (*MalService) GetNews added in v0.4.0

func (m *MalService) GetNews(id int) (news.DetailParser, error)

GetNews to get news detail.

func (*MalService) GetNewsList added in v0.4.0

func (m *MalService) GetNewsList(tagPage ...interface{}) (news.ListParser, error)

GetNewsList to get news list.

func (*MalService) GetNewsTag added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetNewsTag() (news.TagParser, error)

GetNewsTag to get news tag list.

func (*MalService) GetPeople

func (m *MalService) GetPeople(id int) (people.DetailParser, error)

GetPeople to get people information.

func (*MalService) GetPeopleFeatured added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetPeopleFeatured(id int) (people.FeaturedParser, error)

GetPeopleFeatured to get people's featured list.

func (*MalService) GetPeopleNews added in v0.4.0

func (m *MalService) GetPeopleNews(id int) (people.NewsParser, error)

GetPeopleNews to get people's news list.

func (*MalService) GetPeoplePicture

func (m *MalService) GetPeoplePicture(id int) (people.PictureParser, error)

GetPeoplePicture to get people's pictures list.

func (*MalService) GetProducer

func (m *MalService) GetProducer(id int, page (producer.AnimeParser, error)

GetProducer to get producer's anime list.

func (*MalService) GetProducers

func (m *MalService) GetProducers() (producer.ListParser, error)

GetProducers to get all producers, studios, and licensors.

func (*MalService) GetRecommendation

func (m *MalService) GetRecommendation(rType string, id1 int, id2 int) (recommendation.DetailParser, error)

GetRecommendation to get anime & manga's recommendation.

func (*MalService) GetRecommendations

func (m *MalService) GetRecommendations(rType string, page (recommendation.ListParser, error)

GetRecommendations to get anime & manga recommendation list.

func (*MalService) GetReview

func (m *MalService) GetReview(id int) (review.DetailParser, error)

GetReview to get anime/manga review.

func (*MalService) GetReviews

func (m *MalService) GetReviews(typePage ...interface{}) (review.ListParser, error)

GetReviews to get anime/manga review list.

func (*MalService) GetSeason

func (m *MalService) GetSeason(yearSeason ...interface{}) (season.AnimeParser, error)

GetSeason to get seasonal anime list.

func (*MalService) GetTopAnime

func (m *MalService) GetTopAnime(typePage (top.AnimeParser, error)

GetTopAnime to get top anime list.

func (*MalService) GetTopCharacter

func (m *MalService) GetTopCharacter(page (top.CharacterParser, error)

GetTopCharacter to get top character list.

func (*MalService) GetTopManga

func (m *MalService) GetTopManga(typePage (top.MangaParser, error)

GetTopManga to get top manga list.

func (*MalService) GetTopPeople

func (m *MalService) GetTopPeople(page (top.PeopleParser, error)

GetTopPeople to get top people list.

func (*MalService) GetUser

func (m *MalService) GetUser(username string) (user.DetailParser, error)

GetUser to get user profile information.

func (*MalService) GetUserAnime added in v0.7.3

func (m *MalService) GetUserAnime(username string, statusPage (user.AnimeParser, error)

GetUserAnime to get user anime list.

func (*MalService) GetUserClub added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) GetUserClub(username string) (user.ClubParser, error)

GetUserClub to get user club list.

func (*MalService) GetUserFriend

func (m *MalService) GetUserFriend(username string, page (user.FriendParser, error)

GetUserFriend to get user friend list.

func (*MalService) GetUserHistory

func (m *MalService) GetUserHistory(username string, historyType ...string) (user.HistoryParser, error)

GetUserHistory to get user history list.

func (*MalService) GetUserManga added in v0.7.3

func (m *MalService) GetUserManga(username string, statusPage (user.MangaParser, error)

GetUserManga to get user manga list.

func (*MalService) GetUserRecommendation

func (m *MalService) GetUserRecommendation(username string, page (user.RecommendationParser, error)

GetUserRecommendation to get user recommendation list.

func (*MalService) GetUserReview

func (m *MalService) GetUserReview(username string, page (user.ReviewParser, error)

GetUserReview to get user review list.

func (*MalService) SearchAnime

func (m *MalService) SearchAnime(query string, page (search.AnimeParser, error)

SearchAnime to simple search anime.

func (*MalService) SearchCharacter

func (m *MalService) SearchCharacter(query string, page (search.CharacterParser, error)

SearchCharacter to search character.

func (*MalService) SearchClub added in v0.5.0

func (m *MalService) SearchClub(query string, categorySortPage (search.ClubParser, error)

SearchClub to search club.

func (*MalService) SearchManga

func (m *MalService) SearchManga(query string, page (search.MangaParser, error)

SearchManga to simple search manga.

func (*MalService) SearchPeople

func (m *MalService) SearchPeople(query string, page (search.PeopleParser, error)

SearchPeople to search character.

func (*MalService) SearchUser

func (m *MalService) SearchUser(query string, page (search.UserParser, error)

SearchUser to search user.

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