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type AuthInfo added in v0.3.0

type AuthInfo struct {
	Username  string
	Password  string
	DockerCfg string

AuthInfo holds information about how manifest-tool should connect and authenticate to the docker registry

type ImageInspect

type ImageInspect struct {
	Size            int64
	MediaType       string
	Tag             string
	Digest          string
	RepoTags        []string
	Comment         string
	Created         string
	ContainerConfig *container.Config
	DockerVersion   string
	Author          string
	Config          *container.Config
	Architecture    string
	Os              string
	OSVersion       string
	OSFeatures      []string
	Layers          []string
	References      []string
	Platform        manifestlist.PlatformSpec
	CanonicalJSON   []byte

ImageInspect holds information about an image in a registry

type ManifestEntry added in v0.3.0

type ManifestEntry struct {
	Image    string
	Platform manifestlist.PlatformSpec

ManifestEntry represents an entry in the list of manifests to be combined into a manifest list, provided via the YAML input

type YAMLInput added in v0.3.0

type YAMLInput struct {
	Image     string
	Tags      []string
	Manifests []ManifestEntry

YAMLInput represents the YAML format input to the pushml command.

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