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What is ocdev?

OpenShift Command line for Developers


You can download latest binaries (build automatically from current master branch).

How to use ocdev as an oc plugin?
  • make sure that ocdev binary exists in your $PATH
  • copy the plugin.yaml file to ~/.kube/plugins/ocdev/
  • use the plugin as oc plugin dev
  • An application is, well, your application! It consists of multiple microservices or components, that work individually to build the entire application.
  • A component can be thought of as a microservice. Multiple components will make up an application. A component will have different attributes like storage, etc. Multiple component types are currently supported, like nodejs, perl, php, python, ruby, etc.
Getting Started
  1. Create and start working on a new application: ocdev application create <application name>

  2. Deploy code in current directory: ocdev component create <component type> --dir=.

  3. Test your application and make changes to the code

  4. Deploy changes to the application: ocdev component push

  5. Go back to 3.

CLI Structure
ocdev --verbose : OpenShift CLI for Developers
    application : application
        create : create an application
        delete : delete the given application
        get --short : get the active application
        list : lists all the applications
    completion : Output shell completion code
    component : components of application
        create --binary --dir --git : component create <component_type> [component_name]
        delete : component delete <component_name>
        get --short : component get
        push --dir : component push
    storage --component : storage
        add --path --size : create storage and mount to component
        list : list storage attached to a component
        remove : remove storage from component
    version : Print the version of ocdev



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