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func ComponentExists

func ComponentExists(client kclient.Client, name string) (bool, error)

ComponentExists checks whether a deployment by the given name exists

func ConvertEnvs

func ConvertEnvs(vars []common.Env) []corev1.EnvVar

ConvertEnvs converts environment variables from the devfile structure to kubernetes structure

func ConvertPorts added in v1.1.2

func ConvertPorts(endpoints []common.Endpoint) ([]corev1.ContainerPort, error)

ConvertPorts converts endpoint variables from the devfile structure to kubernetes ContainerPort

func GetContainers

func GetContainers(devfileObj devfileParser.DevfileObj) ([]corev1.Container, error)

GetContainers iterates through the components in the devfile and returns a slice of the corresponding containers

func GetEndpoints added in v1.2.6

func GetEndpoints(data data.DevfileData) (map[int32]common.Endpoint, error)

GetEndpoints iterates through the components in the devfile and returns endpoints of all supported components

func GetResourceReqs

func GetResourceReqs(comp common.DevfileComponent) corev1.ResourceRequirements

GetResourceReqs creates a kubernetes ResourceRequirements object based on resource requirements set in the devfile

func UpdateContainerWithEnvFrom added in v1.2.5

func UpdateContainerWithEnvFrom(containers []corev1.Container, devfile devfileParser.DevfileObj, devfileRunCmd string, ei envinfo.EnvSpecificInfo) ([]corev1.Container, error)

UpdateContainerWithEnvFrom populates the runtime container with relevant values for "EnvFrom" so that component can be linked with Operator backed service

func UpdateContainersWithSupervisord added in v1.1.2

func UpdateContainersWithSupervisord(devfileObj devfileParser.DevfileObj, containers []corev1.Container, devfileRunCmd string, devfileDebugCmd string, devfileDebugPort int) ([]corev1.Container, error)

UpdateContainersWithSupervisord updates the run components entrypoint and volume mount with supervisord if no entrypoint has been specified for the component in the devfile


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