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func EnterServiceNameInteractively

func EnterServiceNameInteractively(defaultValue, promptText string, validateName validation.Validator) (serviceName string)

EnterServiceNameInteractively lets the user enter the name of the service instance to create, defaulting to the provided default value and specifying both the prompt text and validation function for the name

func EnterServicePropertiesInteractively

func EnterServicePropertiesInteractively(svcPlan scv1beta1.ClusterServicePlan) (values map[string]string)

EnterServicePropertiesInteractively lets the user enter the properties specified by the provided plan if not already specified by the passed values

func GetServicePlanNames

func GetServicePlanNames(stringMap map[string]scv1beta1.ClusterServicePlan) (keys []string)

GetServicePlanNames returns the service plan names included in the specified map

func SelectClassInteractively

func SelectClassInteractively(classesByCategory map[string][]scv1beta1.ClusterServiceClass) (class scv1beta1.ClusterServiceClass, serviceType string)

SelectClassInteractively lets the user select target service class from possible options, first filtering by categories then by class name

func SelectPlanNameInteractively

func SelectPlanNameInteractively(plans map[string]scv1beta1.ClusterServicePlan, promptText string) (plan string)

SelectPlanNameInteractively lets the user to select the plan name from possible options, specifying which text should appear in the prompt

func StyledOutput added in v0.0.19

func StyledOutput(text, style string) string

StyledOutput returns an ANSI color code to style the specified text accordingly, issuing a reset code when done using the https://github.com/mgutz/ansi#style-format format


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