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Published: Jan 2, 2016 License: MIT, MIT Imports: 3 Imported by: 0



The restart package implements common restart strategies for ifrit processes.

The API is still experimental and subject to change.



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var ErrNoLoadCallback = errors.New("ErrNoLoadCallback")

ErrNoLoadCallback is returned by Restarter if it is Invoked without a Load function.


func OnError

func OnError(runner ifrit.Runner, err error, errors ...error) ifrit.Runner

OnError is a restart strategy for Safely Restartable Runners. It will restart the Runner only if it exits with a matching error.


type Restarter

type Restarter struct {
	Runner ifrit.Runner
	Load   func(runner ifrit.Runner, err error) ifrit.Runner

Restarter takes an inital runner and a Load function. When the inital Runner exits, the load function is called. If the Load function retuns a Runner, the Restarter will invoke the Runner. This continues until the Load function returns nil, or the Restarter is signaled to stop. The Restarter returns the error of the final Runner it invoked.

func (Restarter) Run

func (r Restarter) Run(signals <-chan os.Signal, ready chan<- struct{}) error

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